July 29, 2020

COPA Webinar News


On Wednesday, July 22 COPA members had the opportunity to participate in a live virtual question and answer (Q&A) session with COPA’s President Christine Gervais and Vice-president of Operations JC Audet. The session focused on aviation medicals and safety seminars, both matters which have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Members were asked to submit questions about these topics in advance, and those questions were then answered during the live broadcast on Facebook. Receiving the questions in advance allowed us to research and prepare the most accurate answers possible.

JC Audet played the role of subject matter expert and answered aviation medical questions about telemedicine, medical categories, validity extensions and more. The session also included an update on the future of safety seminars in Canada, previously known as rust removers. JC Audet explained that the safety seminar program is currently being examined by COPA and Transport Canada in an effort to standardize the seminars and focus on the topics that matter most.

The live session was recorded and can now be viewed on our COPA National YouTube channel. In the future, these live sessions will be broadcast simultaneously on Zoom and Facebook to allow more members to participate. Member feedback is always appreciated and can be sent to lnagel@copanational.org, along with ideas for future live session topics.

Top image credit: BRO Vector/iStock