December 8, 2016

COPA urges transport minister to set GA policy


COPA urges transport minister to set GA policy


Canada suffers from a void in policy for General Aviation. Municipalities are left with the responsibility to do what is right for their airport as part of the national transportation infrastructure, but far too often they either neglect it or consider it to be a national issue.

In addition to struggling airports, there is no national policy that would recognize flight schools as important to the future supply of pilots, or programs to fill the ranks of the mechanics trades.

As well, costs for our sector continue to climb and it is being treated as a cash cow rather than being recognized as a vital part of the Canadian transportation system.

COPA is working at the national level to raise our profile, including urging the Transport Minister to put his policy staff to work on this issue.

Members can help by educating their Members of Parliament with the GA Policy document that is available on our website under Feedback to Feds.

It is up to all of us to help or government develop a policy that will secure a future for our sector of aviation.