Neil J. Armstrong Ab-Initio Scholarship

Since 1995, the COPA Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship has financially supported the development of young pilots aged between 16 and 21. This longstanding scholarship was created in honour of Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame inductee Neil J. Armstrong. This award comes with a free one-year COPA Student membership.

Applicants are assessed on their demonstrated interest in aviation, community involvement, academic achievements, ability to set and achieve goals, and commitment to completing flight training. A COPA membership is not necessary.

COPA’s Neil J. Armstrong Ab-Initio Scholarship provides up to $14,000 toward eligible training costs associated with obtaining a Private Pilot License (PPL).

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COPA New Wings Scholarship

The COPA New Wings Scholarship helps make flying more accessible and affordable in Canada by providing up to $5,000 towards eligible training costs for an outstanding aspiring pilot, 21 years of age or older, each year.

The scholarship was introduced in 2023 and is generously supported by Diamond Doors.

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COPA Advanced Flight Training Scholarship

The COPA Advanced Flight Training Scholarship promotes Canadian pilot development by providing annual scholarships to student pilots in advanced flight training programs.

Each year up to three recipients are awarded $2,500 to be used for eligible training costs associated with advanced flight training such as a commercial license, various endorsements or ratings for pilots who already have a PPL.

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COPA Drone Pilot Scholarship

COPA believes the sky is for everyone and is committed to supporting safer drone operations. Through the new COPA Drone Pilot Scholarship, three COPA members 18 and older will receive training to obtain their advanced RPAS pilot certificate. The scholarship includes access to RPAS ground school, flight reviews and exam expenses (conditions apply).

Recipients will be chosen based on their involvement and participation in General Aviation activities, events, or organizations.

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