May 28, 2018

COPA Membership Survey – Enter to Win!


Member Survey – Flight Data Recording.

Have a chance to win $100 VIP Pilot gift certificate – respond before Friday June 1st.

As part of COPA’s continuing participation in the General Aviation Safety Campaign, we are exploring ways pilots are using new technologies to record, track, and analyse their flights. Recently, the subject of flight data recording has been under scrutiny following several high-profile accidents where little to no data was available to investigators after the crash. The TSB has made recommendations to Transport Canada that the existing requirements for Flight Data Recording devices be expanded to include smaller aircraft in commercial operation. TC is going a little further and wants to look at all aircraft, no matter the type of operation. COPA is committed to ensuring that costly and onerous requirements of uncertain efficiency, not to find their way into the GA world, but to do that we need your help.

We know that even the most basic mobile apps and other technologies in use by pilots have some level of built-in functionality to record certain parameters, and we also know that many pilots use these features to analyze and review their flights for self-improvement. The data collected through this survey will assist us in capturing a snapshot of where the GA industry currently is in terms of voluntary adoption of these technologies and will hopefully allow us to show the regulator that Canadian GA pilots are ahead of the game when it comes to the voluntary use of smart safety technologies.

Responses are, of course, confidential and only aggregate data will be shared with Transport Canada. But to have a chance to win our $100 VIP Pilot gift certificate, we ask that you please leave us your membership number and email where applicable and do so before Friday, June 1st 2018.

We appreciate your assistance and cooperation in completing this short 11 question survey.

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