December 8, 2016

COPA introduces new insurance program


COPA introduces new insurance program

By Kevin Psutka, President/CEO


In addition to adding your voice to our lobbying efforts for your freedom to fly through your membership in COPA, a major benefit of COPA membership is our industry leading Aviation Insurance program, which has been in place for 35 years and boasts the largest number of policies in this sector of aviation. This highly successful program is reviewed annually to ensure that our members receive favourable group rates and policy provisions.

I am pleased to announce that following a thorough review of our aviation insurance program, COPA has entered into a relationship with the Magnes Group Inc. as our aviation insurance broker and we have revamped our insurance program to offer even better features and value. The new VIP Aviation Insurance Program, which comes into effect on Aug. 31, 2011, offers:

  • A simplified application and renewal process.

  • A COPA Hotline – a toll free number for insurance related calls that goes directly to an insurance specialist.

  • A more flexible insurance product to meet your needs with three levels of coverage; VIP Gold for full in-motion coverage, VIP Silver for liability and not-in-motion coverage and VIP Bronze for aircraft renters and borrowers.

  • Many other coverage enhancements such as an Accident Forgiveness Program, extension of territory to include the Caribbean, $5,000 Personal Property Coverage, $1,000,000 Premises Liability Coverage and so much more.

If you currently have a COPA aviation insurance policy, it will continue in force until the policy expiry date and your claims procedure will remain the same. If your renewal date is before Aug. 31, 2011, your renewal will occur under our existing program. I do, however, ask you to note in your diary that prior to the expiry date, you should contact the Magnes Group’s toll free number 855-VIP-COPA (855-847-2672) or go online to for information and to receive your quote to transition to COPA’s VIP Aviation Insurance Program.

If you are seeking new aviation insurance that must be in force prior to Aug. 31,2011, please go to our website and complete the online application form for a quote under our existing program.

Since our previous broker will not share their list of policy holders with us, all COPA members will receive a letter and a brochure with a form to complete so that Magnes can create a file for you and prepare for your insurance renewal. I ask that all policy holders complete the form and return it by fax, email, mail or call Magnes’ toll free number.

As an incentive to help us create a database of COPA members who have our insurance, existing COPA aviation insurance policy holders who provide their information to Magnes by Oct. 20, 2011 will be entered into a draw to win an iPad and one year free subscription to Foreflight’s flight planning app .

There are options out there, including from our previous broker who will now compete against the COPA VIP Aviation Insurance Program. You owe it to yourself to consider those options but please remember that only Magnes will return a portion of the premiums it receives to COPA as their investment in the future of Personal Aviation.

As the largest Aviation Association in Canada, COPA is well positioned in Ottawa as the only Association in our sector with full time staff. The revenue from Magnes will be used to help keep your dues low and fund our operation as we continue to work to promote and protect your freedom to fly.

Subscribing to COPA’s VIP Aviation Insurance Program not only assists in our efforts for your freedom to fly, it will ensure that our relationship with Magnes is strong so that we can develop other benefits, including one that we have already agreed to put in place.

I am pleased to report that Magnes will assist COPA in establishing a National Flight Safety Program; an annual series of seminars at COPA’s Fly-in AGM and other locations to review the previous year’s accidents with a view to helping us all learn from others’ mistakes and avoid these losses in the future. Attendees will get a 5% discount on their VIP insurance and the cost of admission will be free for members and a COPA membership for nonmembers. We hope that these sessions will also qualify for Transport Canada’s twoyear currency requirement. Stay tuned to our On The Horizon events calendar for dates and locations of these seminars.

Magnes has a strong reputation of being the largest independent, “all Canadian” private aircraft Insurance Broker with over 50 years in the business. I look forward to our relationship with Magnes and your continuing support through subscribing to our VIP Aviation Insurance Program.