May 31, 2017

COPA Flights Welcome Vimy Pilots


Volunteer pilots who flew their replica First World War biplanes over the Vimy Memorial in France in April are getting a warm welcome by COPA Flights as they head from Atlantic Canada to their home base of Langley, B.C. on a cross-Canada educational tour.

The aircraft were flown back to Canada in mid-April aboard an RCAF C-17 and after they were reassembled at CFB Greenwood, the pilots kicked off their tour.

One of the stops was particularly well suited to the little taildraggers. Four aircraft made it to Stanley Airfield, a former RCAF training base in north central Nova Scotia. There they picked up a new volunteer pilot to help them move the flying circus across the country.

The pilots will be stopping at various airfields and air force bases on their way to B.C.. They are scheduled to fly over Parliament on July 1 and also attend EAA AirVenture at the end of July.