April 13, 2018

COPA Board Meets


By Brian Pound

COPA Atlantic Director

Our COPA Board works on a committee structure and the committees usually meet on the first day of our two-day meetings.  This allows them to bring their recommendations to the whole board on Day Two.  This is really an efficient way of going over the many issues the board is presented with, and then proceed they present their determinations on how the board could proceed.

With most of the board members serving on more than one committee, the scheduling of these overlapping sessions requires that it ends up being a long day.

The most recent board meeting was April 6-7 in Edmonton and some of us had a few free hours between our meetings.  Therefore, upon Director Bram Tilroe’s (AB) recommendation, the five of us went on a short journey south of Leduc, to the Reynolds Museum.

We were on a tight time limit, so we just toured through the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame, and that alone was worth the trip.  It is amazing to see the extent of Canada’s contribution to aviation and the men and women that made it happen.

What really makes this a unique facility, is that you can actually fly into CEX3 (Wetaskiwin) and taxi directly to the aviation hangar.  There you can view the second largest vintage aircraft collection in Canada as well as attending the other buildings highlighting transportation and machinery.  How cool is that?