July 26, 2019

COPA at AirVenture


It is turning into another banner year for the EAA’s annual AirVenture aviation extravaganza in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this week. Although off to a very wet start when a storm passed over KOSH and dumped copious amounts of rain, it didn’t seem to dampen anybody’s spirits despite the virtual chaos Sunday evening when the RV parks and campsites turned into mudholes.

Organizers quickly adapted to the situation by reassigning car parking areas to RV parks so that the backlog of RVs could get off the access roads they were blocking and onto some sort of terra firma.

Once more the annual COPA Oshkosh party was a hit with members as around 500 showed up for sausages on buns with drinks. The next morning saw a couple hundred Canadians turn up at EAA Canada’s breakfast, which featured Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways as a guest speaker.

One of the highlights for COPA at AirVenture this year was a meeting between COPA’s president and CEO Bernard Gervais and Jeff Seaborn, chairman of EAA’s Canadian Council, where both organizations pledged to work closer together.

Bernard Gervais and RAA Canada’s Jeff Seaborn outside the EAA Canada tent in Oshkosh.

“We recognize that all associations have their strengths, and we plan to work a lot closer together for the benefit of all aviators across the country,” said Gervais. “Our associations are all for flight…” he added.