March 28, 2019

Collingwood Airport Finally Sold


The mayor of Collingwood, Ontario announced earlier this month that the town has finally sold off their airport (CNY3) to Winterland Developments, Ltd.

“The original purchase price was $4.1-million, and that’s still the purchase price, and they are accepting all of the outstanding leases and operating agreements with respect to the airport,” said Mayor Brian Saunderson.

A deal was first announced last year but was held up due partially to a dispute with Genesis Flight College. The college’s position was that their road access would be hampered.

It’s an agreement that guarantees access to the airport properties,” Genesis president David Gascoine told CTV News. “That agreement was registered with the land titles act like it would be if you had a shared driveway.” Genesis expects to now move forward with expansion plans.

“This private owner has assured us that it will remain an airport,” says COPA Director Kevin Elwood. “COPA, as well as the pilot community, fought to protect this airport.”

“COPA invested heavily in the legal defense of this aerodrome, along with nearby Clearview Field in Stayner, to protect them from a proposed wind turbine farm,” said Carter Mann, spokesperson for the organization. “We are encouraged at the confirmation that Collingwood will remain open and accessible as a general aviation airport.”