April 5, 2023

COFLYT Unveils New Aircraft Insights APP

Phil Lightstone

― By: Phil Lightstone

COFLYT (www.coflyt.com) of Pensacola FL provides a cloud delivered aircraft maintenance and billing application designed specifically for General Aviation.  COFLYT combines inspections and maintenance tracking, scheduling, and billing into a simple, mobile app to provide peace of mind for aircraft owners.

A pilot simply inputs their last flight details into the COFLYT App and COFLYT updates the flight logs and can generate billing for aircraft held in a partnership or block timers.  Bill payment is automatically generated when the pilot enters the times and a credit card transaction is created through Stripe.

COFLYT is designed to track aircraft inspections and generate alerts based upon time limited components, e.g. Magnetos and ELT battery replacement. AD’s can be imported from the FAA’s database, ensuring that the mechanics are up to date with the FAA’s requirements.  COFLYT provides aircraft scheduling (Calendar) as well as advanced squawk reporting.  Pre-existing paper logbooks can be uploaded into COFLYT, safeguarding the future resale of the aircraft, by creating a digital backup of the aircraft’s logs.

COFLY has three pricing categories:  One Plane One User – Free for a single aircraft and single pilot but with limited capabilities; Premium Individual Pilot – USD $14 per month or USD $140 per year; and Premium Aircraft Partnership – USD $36 per month or USD $360 per year and is designed for partnerships with an unlimited number of users (each additional aircraft is USD $15 per month or USD $150 per year).

(Photo: COFLYT)