February 8, 2009

Cleared for take off


COPA is pleased to announce the launch of our program to promote aviation to Canada’s youth. The mission of the COPA For Kids Aviation Program is to provide a motivational aviation experience, focusing on a flight in an airplane.

These flights are provided free of charge to all youth ages 8-17.

For many years an agreement between COPA and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in the US had allowed COPA members to fly young people as part of the EAA’s Young Eagles program. However, following an internal review of the program it became apparent that liability issues in the US would not permit COPA’s continued participation in Young Eagles. So, an alternative was sought for COPA members to provide organized flights for youth in Canada.

The COPA For Kids Aviation Program is sponsored by Ironshore, the underwriters for the COPA VIP Gold and VIP Silver Aviationa Insurance programs and delivered by our national network of COPA Flights.

“The COPA For Kids Aviation Program has been inspired by Young Eagles but is not associated in any way with Young Eagles or the EAA”, said COPA President Kevin Psutka. “I am pleased that the EAA will continue the Young Eagles program through its Canadian Chapters. With our two programs in place, we can maximize the opportunity for kids to experience the thrill of flight.”

COPA Flights and COPA members who wish to fly young people are invited to read the Guide to the COPA For Kids Aviation Program and see the attractive brochure and certificate that is available for download. Visit our COPA National website and click on the COPA For Kids icon.

Kids and parents can visit COPA For Kids website for an introduction to aviation and invitation to fly. Please send us an email if you have any questions.