December 5, 2017

Clarification: COPA Successfully Lobbies TCCA on IFR Testing Requirements:


A miscommunication between COPA and TCCA lead to the publication of misleading information with respect to the IFR recency in the Dec 1st article on IFR. The relevant section of the article is reproduced now with the appropriate clarifications incorporated in bold type.

The recency requirement provides pilots flying in IMC (IFR of course) a means to ensure they are not rusty to the point of being unsafe, it does not invalidate your IFR rating if the 6-6-6 is not satisfied. The 6-6-6 is effective on the 1st day of the 13th month following your instrument rating flight test or your IPC. If your 6-6-6 has expired, you do not meet the recency requirement to fly IFR. In this case, you have two easy options to revive your IFR recency:

  • VMC – You get in your IFR equipped and approved aircraft and you go fly off the 6-6-6 requirement in VMC. You can do this by flying simulated published approaches down to the published minimum. You can do this at a controlled airport when the controller authorizes you, or at an uncontrolled aerodrome if this is more practical for you. The intent of this currency requirement is to ensure that you are current on the procedures, that you still remember how to read and interpret the plates for instance and can fly the approach with accuracy and safely, respecting all limitations and relevant guidance. The regulation does not mandate that a qualified person must be with you. It is however a wise and safe practice to have a knowledgeable and reliable person in the right hand seat to act as a security lookout. You will be flying with your head down in the cockpit, in VMC conditions. You are always responsible for your own traffic avoidance and aircraft separation; or
  • IMC – You get in your IFR equipped and approved aircraft and you go renew your 6-6-6 by flying IFR in IMC, on a flight plan. In this case, you most definitely must have a qualified person in the right hand seat. Since you cannot file IFR, that flight plan will have to be on that person’s IFR ticket. That qualified person can be a Flight Instructor with valid IFR and 6-6-6, a CPL with valid IFR and 6-6-6, an ATPL with valid IFR and 6-6-6, or you can go all the way to a TCCA authorized and qualified examiner.