January 6, 2022

CIFIB activates third UAT ground station

Jon Robinson

Text provided by CIFIB

The Canadian In-Flight Information Broadcasting Association (CIFIB) has activated its third ground station, at Parry Sound, ON (CNK4), joining Stratford, ON (CYSA.) and Burlington, ON (CZBA).

These stations transmit free weather information via 978 MHz to aircraft equipped with ADS-B In.

Upcoming sites include Oshawa, ON (CYOO), Ottawa, ON (CYOW), and Hanover, ON (CYHS), and the first station outside Ontario at High River, AB (CEN4). Traffic information from NemoScout (flight schools) and FLARM/OGN (gliders) is coming soon.

Read more about CIFIB’s status and plans for stations across Canada at http://www.cifib.ca.

(Photo: CIFIB)