October 5, 2017

Changes Made After Crash


Wasaya Airlines says it has implemented new procedures and training to help prevent a repeat of an accident that killed one of its Cessna Caravan pilots in 2015.

The Caravan took off from Pickle Lake Dec. 15 with only Capt. Nick Little and a load of cargo. The aircraft ran into icing but apparently elected to carry on with the flight.

“As the aircraft continued its flight in icing conditions, rather than returning to base, it experienced substantially degraded aircraft performance as a result of ice accumulation, which led to an aerodynamic stall, loss of control, and collision with terrain,” the Transportation Safety Board reported.

The TSB said that while Wasaya was working on an assessment of flying in known icing in the Caravans but hadn’t implemented the findings so “pilots lacked important information and tools for sound decision-making and for safe, efficient operations.”

Wasaya CEO Michael Royniuk told the CBC the airline has since increased training, reduced minimums and made changes to aircraft loading and maintenance procedures.

“The steps we are, and have taken will enhance the safety of our operation and throughout our region,” said Rodyniuk. “We thank the TSB for their diligent work.”