November 28, 2019

CFPS and ICAO NOTAM Format Issues


COPA has been made aware of issues with the new NAV CANADA Collaborative FLight Planning Services (CFPS) and concerns with the ICAO NOTAM Format. We have contacted NAV CANADA and confirmed they are aware of issues with the mobile platforms for CFPS and they have informed us that they are working to rectify these issues; including the display of the Upper Winds. 


The ICAO format for NOTAM information will remain. This format standardizes Canada with global practices.  


We asked NAV CANADA if they planned to close the actual Aviation Weather Web Site (AWWS), and we were told that the AWWS will operate in parallel to CFPS until the new system has proven performance and become fully operational, with an approximate timeframe of late 2020. When they have removed the AWWS, the current links for AWWS will automatically direct you to CFPS for all applications. 

Through our conversations with NAV CANADA, COPA is scheduled on December 16th for a consultation meeting to discuss the requirements, improvements, provide feedback and to receive a demonstration of the newest software scheduled for release in the February-March timeframe next year. COPA will be providing IFR and VFR qualified pilots to participate at the meeting and ensure that NAV CANADA is aware of the needs of our members. 

COPA urges the membership to continue directing your concerns, comments and suggestions to to improve on the products offered to pilots.