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Peter Lythall

Fort St. John, B.C.

I have been active in Aviation for most of my adult life. As a youngster, I was introduced to GA flying with the grandfather of one of my childhood friends. Grandpa was a back-country outfitter and my first experience flying with him was memorable, sitting on freshly oiled yet well-worn saddles and salt blocks in the rear of a rough 172 without any seatbelt, and when the baggage door opened in flight, he shouted at me to not fall out. And so, it began, I started flying lessons when I was able to drive myself to the local airport.

I have been involved in both the experimental and certified areas of aviation, having built a Vans RV7 kitplane several years ago. I have had the opportunity to own several certified aircraft and to use these aircraft as tools for business as well as recreation. Whether it was used to attend to client meetings in remote areas or to enjoy the Canadian backcountry on a weekend camping trip, I have embraced aviation as part of a successful business and rewarding personal lifestyle.  I have logged over 2500 hrs of flight time in a variety of different aircraft as I pursued and completed my various ratings that have culminated in a Single/Multi Engine Land and Sea with a Group 1 IFR rating.

As a member of COPA Flight 180 I assisted with bringing a successful COPA for Kids event to Fort St John in 2017 and I previously volunteered as a Pilot with COPA for Kids in Alberta. I believe I can bring a fresh voice and a well-rounded GA perspective to issues facing the membership in Western Canada and I am committed to ensuring that our rights and freedoms as a community are maintained for the current and future generations of aviators.

LORING, Arthur

Arthur Loring

Kamloops, B.C.

My name is Arthur Loring and am an enthusiastic 42-year-old small business owner from Kamloops, BC.  I’m running for a position as a Director representing BC/Yukon for COPA.

My Private Licence was obtained in 1998 and have been active in general aviation ever since.  In the past 3 years, I have significantly increased my activity by purchasing a Diamond DA20 which has allowed me a great opportunity to do more flying both locally and cross country (my most recent trip being to Nevada). With becoming more active again, I have also recently obtained my Night Rating and hope to pursue additional learning opportunities soon.

In 2017, I was elected as the Vice President of the Kamloops Flying Club (COPA Flight 82) where we have faced similar challenges of other clubs such as declining membership, aging membership and are in the on-going process of addressing those challenges to create a more vibrant relevant club. I was re-elected to hold the same position for the 2018 year.

My main reason for wanting to become a COPA director is to try to bring a fresh more youthful perspective from the members at large about how to make COPA a more relevant organization to both young and experienced aviators alike. As a COPA member, in addition to its important role as preserving our freedom to fly, I personally believe that COPA should also be the hub for everything aviation including the social hub of participation, knowledge and events. I want to help achieve this.  Additionally, I hope to use this experience to increase my profile within the COPA organization to become a more knowledgeable General Aviation advocate.

The biggest skill I can bring to the board is my 20+ years of business management experience by delivering a calm, level-headed approach and willingness to listen and consider all perspectives of issues. I am progressive and embrace new thoughts and ways of doing things.

I may not have a significant amount of professional aviation experience behind me, but I have the passion, enthusiasm and dedication to represent BC & the Yukon and to do my best to ensure our members voices are heard as well as to guide future progressive changes to make this great organization one that reflects the beliefs of pilots in Canada.


Pat Cochrane

Coldstream, B.C.

BC/Yukon COPA members;

My name is Pat Cochrane and I am requesting your support in electing me one of the BC/Yukon COPA directors.

I received my Private Pilot License in 1990 and am current as of February 2018.  I own a 1/4 share in a Piper Turbo Arrow III which is hangared at Vernon BC and am a member of the Vernon Flying Club, COPA flight 65.

I have extensive Board and Committee experience.  I am in my twenty-second year as a Municipal Councilor, having served twelve years at the City of Vernon and the remainder at the District of Coldstream having chaired numerous committees as well as well as representing the community as Acting Mayor.

I find as a pilot that there is always more to learn, whether it is new upgrades in the airplane or changes to procedures.  To help me be an effective Board member I will draw on the knowledge and experience of BC and Yukon COPA members.

COPA has an important role in protecting and improving General Aviation in Canada.  I will use my board and committee background to help COPA be successful.

As a COPA board member, I will work co-operatively with fellow board members and senior staff to make the best decisions possible on behalf of COPA members.

Please take a few minutes to vote and make Pat Cochrane one of your choices for BC/Yukon director.

Thank you.

BLACK, David


David Black

North Vancouver, B.C.

David has been an active participant in general aviation for over 35 years.  He regularly flies with his pilot-wife throughout Canada and the USA and has flown general aviation in England, Germany, Israel, and Jordan.

David is the current President of the Golden Ears Flying Club (at CYPK) (www.goldenearsflying.org) which operates 2 Cessna 172s for 25 members.  In that capacity, David also organizes aviation presentations on topics ranging from Pilot Decision Making to Terminal Procedures to Travel Logs to Aviation Humour.

David and his wife are ROC-A examiners and run a program that brings aviation into BC high-school classrooms as a means of teaching STEM subjects and aviation related courses like “Cockpit Math”, “Leadership through CRM”, “Aviation Weather”, and “Careers in Aviation”.

Over 20 years ago, David founded the Air Time Canada Youth Aviation Program (www.airfun.org) which uses aviation to help young people develop self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills.  In 2013, he received the Emilia Earhart Award of Merit from the 99s at their Annual Convention in Montana for his work with troubled youth.  Through the Air Time Canada program, David has personally conducted over 1900 first-flights and has seen a significant percentage of those people go one to become private or commercial pilots.

David spent some years as an Air Traffic Controller and has worked at Boundary Bay Tower, Vancouver Center, and Vancouver Tower.

In his professional life, David is the Director of Technology for a transportation security company in Metro Vancouver.  In that role, David has had a lot of experience leading complex projects and communicating with management teams, executive boards, and government organizations.

David is a passionate supporter and advocate of General Aviation and has an excellent understanding of flight safety and flight operations.  He is an articulate communicator and well versed in digital media and communications.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]