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Places to Fly: Kars, Ontario

The Kars chapter of the RAA (4928) is holding their 11th annual Ski- or Fly- or Drive-In at the Kars airport (CPL3) this coming Sunday (March 7). From 11:00 to 14:00, home-style food is on offer at their clubhouse at the Rideau Valley Air Park.

Located just west of the Rideau River, the aerodrome’s turf runway (08/26) is normally 1,800 feet long by 100 feet wide. Road access is via Dilworth Road just east of Highway 416.

Call 613.296.3391 for further details and runway conditions.

Summertime photo submitted.

MAJOR, Paul-Marc


Paul-Marc Major

Gatineau, QC

Pilote privé avec une annotation OTT et vol de nuit ainsi que membre de la COPA de depuis 1999, je suis propriétaire-partenaire d’un avion de type cessna 172. Je suis membre du Ottawa Rockcliffe Flying Club, de l’Association des gens de l’avion de Gatineau et membre d’Aviateur Québec. J’ai vendu mon commerce, il y a près de 2 ans, je suis donc jeune retraité, ayant maintenant beaucoup plus de temps à vaquer à mon vif intérêt pour l’aviation qui est ma principale passion.  Ma grande disponibilité et mon enthousiasme à occuper ces fonctions sont des motivations supplémentaires à travailler et faire avancer des dossiers difficiles afin de les mener à terme avec soin et de façon méticuleuse dans le domaine. Ces nombreuses expériences acquises dans mes occupations des 25 dernières années seront assurément un atout dans l’exercice de ces fonctions. Mon but est d’offrir mon temps et mon savoir au service de l’équipe en place en joignant le conseil d’administration de la COPA et ainsi continuer au sein de cette équipe d’atteindre les buts et les objectifs de l’organisme et ainsi continuer avec vous de mieux servir le domaine de l’aviation. En résumé, ma grande disponibilité, mon vif intérêt dans le domaine, ma rigueur et mon efficacité sont mes meilleurs atouts à joindre votre équipe pour ce poste.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

DELORME, Matthieu


Matthieu Delorme

Longueuil, QC

Membre de la COPA depuis 1999, je suis un passionné de l’aviation, propriétaire d’un Cirrus SR22 (C-GNTU), j’ai construit un S45 Mystère (C-GPMD) et je suis membre du conseil d’administration de l’aéroport de St-Mathieu de Beloeil (CSB3).  J’ai ma licence Privé IFR/Nuit depuis plus de 40 ans.  Au niveau professionnel, je suis Premier Vice-président du groupe Canam au niveau de la technologie et j’ai toujours été très actif au niveau de l’innovation (voir mon CV).  J’ai 5 enfants, toutes des filles, de 23 à 33 ans.  Ma plus vieille est contrôleur aérien chez Nav Canada et j’ai un gendre pilote à Air Canada.  Je désire joindre la COPA afin de m’impliquer encore plus dans le développement de l’aviation générale afin d’en assurer la pérennité et d’en faire la promotion chez nos jeunes.  Avec l’expérience acquise dans la gestion d’un petit aéroport et mon expérience en entreprise, je pense que je peux apporter à la COPA des conseils judicieux et des idées d’évolution novatrices.  Ayant à voyager beaucoup en région, je réalise l’importance de garder les accès aux aéroports de ces régions, je connais plusieurs entrepreneurs dont le choix des emplacements en région est basé sur la proximité d’un aéroport.

En espérant que ma candidature sera retenue,

Matthieu Delorme[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



Jonathan Beauchesne

Montréal, QC

Originaire de Montréal, Jonathan Beauchesne est pilote depuis près de 17 ans et détient sa licence de pilote commercial (canadien et américain) depuis 2010. Il possède également ses annotations multi-IFR, nuit et hydravion.

Jonathan siège au conseil d’administration de COPA depuis 2014. Il a défendu plusieurs aéroports, dont St-Hubert, Mascouche et Neuville. Il a rencontré de nombreux membres au cours des dernières années afin de faire rayonner COPA et permis la création de trois (3) nouveaux Clubs COPA au Québec.

Il souhaite continuer de défendre les intérêts des aviateurs canadiens et trouver des opportunités qui permettront de faire croître le monde de l’aviation générale à l’échelle nationale.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Doug Ronan

Brechin, ON

I started flying at age 14 with a good friend of my fathers, George Trelford,  who had a Cessna 180 on floats.  He taught me how to fly on many “bushflying” adventures throughout Canada and the States.  From then on flying has been my life.

During high school I worked at Markham Airport as Assistant Manager. I was an apprentice AME at Markham and Ken Wilson Aircraft. In 1988 I bought my first airplane – a 1964 Cessna 150 – since then I have owned over 125 airplanes and have accumulated approximately 6000 hours. In 1990 I started my business, Doug Ronan Aircraft Sales, doing aircraft sales, restorations, a Structures AMO, and aircraft salvage. We operate from our 150 acre private airport with two intersecting 2000 foot grass strips and a 2000 foot water runway near the NE corner of Lake Simcoe.  I have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of both Certified and Homebuilt aircraft.

In March 2004 I formed the Ontario Seaplane Association (COPA flight 110).   In 2004, I was appointed to COPA’s six member National Seaplane Advisory Committee to deal with seaplane issues across the country. I was invited by Transport Canada to take part in the Responsible Aerodrome Development focus group in 2015/2016. I am currently a Field Director for the Seaplane Pilots Association and a director for the International 180/185 Association. I was a COPA Director for 7 ½ years and fought and won many battles on behalf of General Aviation in Canada.

I look forward to your support in the upcoming election as a COPA Director for Southern Ontario for a 3rd term.


Randy Peckham

Ottawa, ON

Randy has been a pilot since 1985, holding Glider, Private and Commercial pilot licenses. He is qualified for single and multi-engine land aircraft, with a Group 1 IFR rating. He currently owns and flies a Cessna 340A and flies ~300 hrs/year for business and personal use. Previous aircraft ownership includes a Diamond DA40, Cessna T310R and a Piper Cherokee PA28. He has been a member of COPA since 2008 and an AOPA member since 2011.

Randy is an active member of the aviation community, with a passion for promoting general aviation.  It is his belief that as a COPA Director additional visibility can be brought to the aviation community with a goal to further highlight and validate its importance in Canada. Enabling and empowering general aviation while protecting and enhancing the availability and accessibility of aviation resources is his primary goal. Additionally, promoting the accessibility of aviation to the general Canadian population and facilitating modernization of aviation will be beneficial to aviators and passengers alike.

Randy has been involved in running numerous businesses, as well as working in the federal sector at the senior administrator level and has served as an officer in the Canadian Forces.  He is versed in the functions of a board of directors, and understands the efforts and processes required to effect change and to influence decision-making.


Clark Morawetz

Toronto, ON

I have been flying my entire life. I don’t know when my first flight was. I grew up in GA flying with my father and his friends for breakfast every Sunday morning. Flying is in my blood.

I obtained my Glider and Private Pilot’s Licences as a member of the Air Cadets. Since then, I have accumulated over 5,000 hours of flying in everything from homebuilts to the Q400. Today, I work as a Captain at Porter Airlines. While being a pilot is my profession, it is also my passion.

Since I learned to fly, I have volunteered at COPA, Young Eagles and Women in Aviation Events. In 2010, I helped Oshawa Airport become the “Most Female Friendly Airport in the World”, by flying more women in GA aircraft than anywhere else on Earth. In 2011, Women of Aviation Week awarded my story for the “Most Unusual Introductory Flight” top prize. In 2017, I was awarded the President’s Award by COPA for my work on COPA’s Strategic Planning Committee. I am currently a member of COPA Flight 32, based out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

For as long as I can remember, I couldn’t wait for the next edition of COPA Flight to show up in the mail, so I could check out the classifieds and dream about owning my own airplane. In 2017, my girlfriend and I purchased our first airplane, a 1971 Cessna 172L, through COPA Flight.

I want to your next director for Southern Ontario because I feel I have the ability to bridge the gap between the GA community we have now, and the community that we need to have in the future.

MARTINS, Alexander

Alexander Martins

Toronto, ON

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is an organization that has made a significant contribution to Canadian culture, history and identity. Growing up in a generation where many are tied to their electronic devices, general aviation and COPA has been a source of meaningful personal interactions, friendships, once in a lifetime experiences and lifelong memories. This, unfortunately is not the experience of many of my peers, which is why I would like to take on the task as a director of COPA to recruit young members. This would be best achieved by attending flying schools, colleges, universities to give a worthy pitch on the benefits and possibilities as a member of COPA. My single greatest advantage is being a member of my target audience and bringing a fresh viewpoint and vision for the future of COPA.

I fell in love with airplanes at the age of 10, at Ontario place sitting in a cadet glider that was on display. I later joined air cadets, and years later finished with a glider and private pilot’s license. Since then, I have become a member of the Brampton Flying Club, flying the Cessna 152, 172 and learning tailwheel in the Bellanca Citabria. I am also a member of the York Soaring Association, where I flew two glider types and towed gliders in the clubs towing aircraft. It is experiences like these that I hope to grow for today’s youth, as a COPA director.

Currently, I study Commercial Aviation Management at the University of Western Ontario, where I hope to open a university-based COPA flight for aviation students. Given the opportunity I hope to grow COPA’s membership everywhere possible that will be sustainable going into the future.


Phil Lightstone

Richmond Hill, ON

Phil is a licensed pilot with over 1,700 hours, holding a VFR, Night and VFR OTT ratings.  He has volunteered with a number of aviation organizations, including Young Eagles, COPA for Kids, Hope Air, Canadian Air & Space Museum, Pickering Airpark and is a member of the Buttonville Flying Club (COPA Flight 44). He is a partner in a Commander 114b.

Aviation is part of his DNA, at an early age building/flying balsa model airplanes, rockets, radio controlled models and full-scale aircraft.  He has been/is a member in the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, Kingston R/C Modellers (past director), Richmond Hill Model Airplane Club (past director), AOPA and COPA.

Phil is the past President and Director of the Local Area Network Dealers Association (LANDA), representing the Network industry in Canada. LANDA’s focus included education, mentorship, collaboration, social and end user awareness. He has sat on numerous North American IT Industry advisor boards. He is the former Marketing Director of the Office Automation Professionals of Canada.

Phil has published articles appearing in Canadian Jewellers Magazine, Computing Canada, COPA and LinkedIN, and endeavors to educate and share his knowledge.

Phil’s interest is to help COPA execute meaningful change to impact the day to day flight and aviation experiences for COPA’s membership, aviation industry and the general public. As a technology professional and GA pilot, he brings the skills to help COPA transition into the digital era and grow COPA’s membership, including attracting new student pilots.  Phil’s DNA is about insightful execution and delivery.


Oliver Javanpour

Ottawa, ON

Oliver is an avid pilot and he has been flying since 2001. Among his flying adventures, he has flown his vintage aircraft from the West Coast to the East Coast. He has been a member of Rockcliffe and Ottawa flying clubs at various intervals. He is an instrument rated (IFR) multi engine pilot who has interests in regulatory topics and concerns around General Aviation and economic development issues related to local airports in his town and province. During the past year he has been closely involved in the upgrade and restoration of his vintage (1946) tail dragger.

Oliver is a senior consultant working and writing extensively in the area of public policy including privacy, governance, strategic planning and global affairs. Since 1996 he has worked closely within the public sector in Canada and the US to develop public, business and operational policies that address the changing needs of governments. His insight into technology, legislative and legal nuances and operational mechanics have enabled him to offer comprehensive and integrated strategic solutions to his clients.

During the 1980s and 1990s Oliver was an active team member of several high technology firms in Ottawa. Oliver worked in various capacities from highly technical positions to managing marketing and client relationships on an international scale.

Oliver is a dedicated volunteer in the field of non-profit organizations and a supporter of health, education, arts and culture in Ottawa. For the past twenty-five years he has assisted nonprofit organizations with community / government relations and organizational sustainability through his role as a board member, fundraiser and committee chairs. Oliver is currently serving on the Board of Governors of Carleton University. He is the Vice-Chair of the Governance Committee.

Oliver is encouraged to see COPA’s recent direction in working collaboratively with various governmental organizations to protect and promote general aviation in Canada and conduct studies in areas of aviation and economic development. To this end, as a member of COPA and he feels that his extensive non-profit volunteer board experience could be used to assist COPA in planning GA sustainability and future planning. Oliver feels he may be able to share some lessons learned and experiences with COPA board and organization.