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Presented to any individual, company, organization or Government agency that has shown outstanding support for the safety, education or development of our aviation community.


“For embodying the future of aviation in Canada”

From then COPA President, Bernard Gervais: He resurrected COPA Flight 8, he’s been a key player in the NextGen movement. He lives, breathes everything aviation. He’s been a strong supporter of the staff and board members in the younger generation. He’s participated in just about everything COPA has done. Congratulations Cameron for everything you’re doing and that you’ve done, and that you will do in the coming years.

From the awards administrator, Brian Pound: Cameron was not only nominated by the President but also by his own staff and one of the Ontario directors, obviously a great pick for our President’s Award.

View past President’s Award winners here.



Presented to any COPA Member who has shown outstanding commitment to our objectives to maintain our Freedom to Fly.


“In recognition for your exceptional service to the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association”

From the Chairman of the Board, Bill Mahoney: Dave Sprague is the President of the Buttonville Flying Club, COPA Flight 44. He not only volunteers his time with the flying club organization but with several other organizations and volunteer groups such as Sail Canada. He is quick to volunteer and offer his assistance when asked. When we conferred with the search committee back in January of this year, Dave offered to assist. He is an executive search consultant and he offered to help our search committee with the daunting task of finding a new CEO for COPA. It was with his assistance, guidance, and direction that we were able to conduct a very rigorous and thorough search and come up with an outstanding candidate. I would like to recognize and thank Dave for his volunteer efforts, not only with COPA but with all organizations. He goes above and beyond so it is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I recognize you for your assistance and present you with the Chairman’s award for 2020.


Presented to an individual that has made a substantial contribution to the past year’s COPA Flight magazine. Selected by the COPA Flight Editor.


For his photo contributions to COPA Flight

From the awards administrator, Brian Pound: Our editor of COPA Flight, Steve Drinkwater, has nominated a photographer for this award that is often presented for a COPA Flight article. Jean-Pierre has done a phenomenal job and I hope that he keeps up sending more and more fantastic photographs into our COPA Flight, so, quite frankly Jean-Pierre, congratulations and thank you for all you have done to support COPA. Great job, thank you.


In appreciation for your personal efforts to advance, promote and preserve our Canadian Freedom to Fly.

  • Association des Pilotes et Propriétaires de Hangars de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu – CYJN
    • An amazing organization, COPA Flight 160. They have 230 members and this strong flight is very active in COPA for Kids. They also work with the city manager and have taken over the FBO operations, they sell the Avgas and give you great service when you land. They are also holding many safety and training sessions on various aspects of aviation. A very dedicated group.
  • Munden Critch, NL
    • He has single-handedly expanded the water aerodrome at Patty’s Pond (CCQ5), near St. John’s, Newfoundland. He is a very skilled and experienced aircraft builder and shares his knowledge and talent with anyone who needs it.
  • Mervin Zinck, NS
    • Based at New Germany Lake (CCA2) in Nova Scotia, for the past 12 years, Mervin has been hosting the annual New Germany Lake Pilot’s Picnic that hosts up to 25 planes from around the Maritimes. He truly tries to involve the whole community in this event and offers free lunches, live music, a small antique car show; Model aircraft builders and skydivers jumping out of floatplanes are all present. He’s a member of the Bluenose Flying Club and COPA Flight 196 and he has created an amazing showcase for general aviation in this small community.
  • Yvan Albert, Pierre Boudreault, Gilles Lambert, QC
    • A joint award goes out to Yvan, Pierre and Gilles. These gentlemen worked very hard to try and save their local aerodrome, a project that is still being heavily discussed. Their efforts are very much appreciated despite the current ruling. We give them a vote of thanks for working through this project and hope for a better solution in the future.
  • Gabriel Muglia, ON
    • Gabriel is of COPA Flight 8, a private pilot, a COPA member and builder of very impressive, intricate remote-controlled aircraft. He is the secretary of the recently resurrected COPA Flight 8 in Ottawa. Along with others, he has answered the call for volunteers to help get the COPA NextGen initiative off the ground, bringing great membership value to our younger members.
  • Geordie Dalglish, ON
    • Geordie has recently purchased the Collingwood airport and is an example of someone who is prepared to go the extra mile to take of our freedom to fly, looking out for our whole aviation community.
  • Clayton Smith, ON
    • Clayton is a phenomenal person and even a bit larger than life. He has managed to transform the Orillia airport into an aviation masterpiece with longer runways, a restaurant, a large new shop, 40 T-hangars, a flying school and has even moved into Parry Sound where there will be a restaurant as well.
  • Wade Cook, ON
    • Wade Cook was instrumental in forming COPA Flight 201 along with the Gore Bay Flying Club. He is a corporate pilot, an instructor, and the person responsible for getting a flight school and an aircraft for his COPA Flight so that they can have an amazing contribution to aviation.
  • Ken Zachkewich, AB
    • Ken has just been a director for the last few minutes (as of the 2020 AGM). His accomplishments, which can be read about in COPA Flight magazine, include a very successful 4000 ft ice runway fly-in at Lac La Biche where they had 69 aircraft fly in for an event. He served as captain of the Lac La Biche Flight for several years and is very active within the aviation community.
  • Ruf May, AB
    • He has worked on many aircraft and helped pilots purchase their planes for more than 25 years. He is just a phone call away and is always happy to assist. He is a fountain of information and he seems to know all his client’s aircraft parts off the top of his head. He is a multiengine pilot and an AME, he worked for Pacific Western Airlines as a flight engineer for a number of years before switching over to Canadian airlines. He has served on the Olds-Didsbury airport commission. He has been on the flying club board for many years and you’ll see him even mowing the grass, fixing the fuel system, and maintaining aircraft. A person like Ruf keeps general aviation alive and well in Canada.
  • Ryan van Haren, BC
    • Along with being an IFR controller and holding an ATPL, he has been described as the spark plug behind the British Columbia General Aviation Association and is the president of COPA Flight 194. He has truly made an enormous impact on the aviation community in BC through his tireless efforts on his web and Facebook pages that are the basis for the success of his virtual organization. Last year at the Innisfail AGM, Ryan kindly volunteered to help a fellow aviator get to a checkout ride at an airport 3 hours away.
  • Dave McElroy, BC
    • Dave is a giant of a guy in personality. He offers his support for the Kelowna Flying Club, has major fundraising efforts for his organization Wings of Hope, and has been committed to COPA. He keeps the GoPro cameras as busy as they can be with his mountain flying.


In recognition of your personal contribution, passion and commitment to aviation in your community.

  • Jeremy Dann, NS
    • Among his contributions, Jeremy is captain of the Bluenose Flying Club and host of the Fly Nova Scotia Facebook page. He started flying back in the 70s as an air cadet and currently flies a Rans S-7 on floats. He is even currently building a hangar. Thanks, Jeremy, for all the work you do in the Maritimes.
  • Marc Quidoz, QC
    • He’s said to be at the airport nearly every day, he is making the Quebec general aviation community grow. This 4400-hour pilot has done great work and is very helpful to the people in his neighbourhood. He really accepts the challenges of aviation.
  • Guillaume Narbonne, QC
    • He has been working with the local resistance but is currently expanding to Saint-Cuthbert aerodrome. He will be a great addition to that local aviation community. The directors from Quebec are very pleased nominate him for this award.
  • Laura Matheson, ON
    • Laura went to great lengths to make sure the members of her local Flight were recognized. This Vice-President of COPA Flight 8 at the Rockcliffe Airport was nominated for the merit award by two COPA directors. The members of her club are appreciative of her leadership skills and for keeping the club growing.
  • Terry Mortimer, ON
    • Terry grew up with his father flying a Cessna 310 and was instrumental in resurrecting COPA Flight 66 and is now their Flight captain. He flies an RV-6 with GoPros attached and is a huge supporter of the COPA for Kids program. The work he does is greatly appreciated.
  • Innisfail Flying Club, AB
    • If anyone was at the COPA AGM in Innisfail last year, you understand the total commitment that this flying club, as well as the town, made to make this event a success. The large improvements to their facilities at the airport and the enthusiasm of the membership was just amazing. The weather didn’t seem to cooperate but that didn’t seem to dampen their spirits and they managed to power through all that and provide us with an enjoyable gathering and all the board members were appreciative of the outstanding work that Innisfail did for us that year.
  • Warwick Patterson, BC
    • He is a talented photographer, is a passionate aviator and often the first to volunteer. An avid supporter and a voice of reason in the British Columbia General Aviation Association and the local drone association as well. He calls Squamish home and is the man behind the Flying BC podcast and website, a true leader in his area.
  • Tom Heise, BC
    • Tom is President of the Aero Club of BC, COPA Flight 16, at the Pitt Meadows airport. They hosted the Board in the 2019 Board meeting in BC and it is evident why Tom is deserving of an award. They host the BCGA, the BC 99s, the IMC club, provide the Avgas at the airport and even have a club plane for their members. Many of these endeavours and many others have been under the leadership of Tom and the many hours he has dedicated to the Aero Club, COPA and the sister organization of BC in the lower mainland. He was nominated by past director Tim Cole for his dedication, leadership and personal commitment that he has given to the aviation community of British Columbia.
  • Paul Harris, BC
    • A designated flight examiner and class 1 flight instructor within the lower mainland of BC. He has been recognized by others as an excellent instructor and a champion of aviation safety. He is currently mainly concerned with training flight instructors and if you want to get your PPL, you are advised to find a Paul Harris prodigy and you’ll get proper training.
  • Rick O’Neill, NL
    • Over the past number of years, we have observed Rick’s generous contribution of time and resources to COPA, CASARA, and the Air Cadet familiarization flight program. Regardless of what he is asked to do, or when, he is always there with unfailing enthusiasm and support.


  • Bell Island, Newfoundland
    • COPA Flight 97 out of St. John’s worked with the town of Wabana along with the local fire department and the Bell Island aerodrome to organize the “Bell Island-bound Fun for All Ages Day”. This partnership allowed COPA Flight 97 to promote and share general aviation with the public, to inspire people of all ages about aviation and to generate interest in the rewarding careers that are available in aviation. Like always, it was just another fine day in Newfoundland.
  • South Shore Regional Airport (CYAU)
    • An amazing story of grassroots aviation at its best, with many of the flying club’s members who are not even pilots. These volunteers have donated their time and materials to refurbish the run-down clubhouse, clear brush and trees, hold several fundraisers within the town and at the airport. This is not an easy task as this beautiful 4000 ft asphalt runway is remotely located several miles out of town and has been neglected for years. The local remote control pilot’s club was also there as a valued partner and helped the refurbish team. They worked hard, they were smart about it and went to the town council and got a hold of their MLA, their member of parliament, the media and got everyone involved to share what they saw as a vision for the airport.
  • COPA Flight 52 –Trois-Rivières, QC
    • 2019 was a busy year for COPA Flight 52. They had a fly-in that included a tourist historic tour of the city. This is a great way to get the spouses involved in a non-aviation-related activity while still enjoying the joy of flight.
  • Nicole Wardstrom, BC
    • She is the president of the Langley Aero Club, COPA Flight 175. She gets her flying roots from her parents and is currently working hard towards her commercial pilot’s license. While being a club member for several years, she has in a short time in her new role as the leader, brought fresh enthusiasm, new ideas and new members to the group. This young woman is to be commended for her dedication, hard work, and the leadership that she has provided.
  • Horst Romani, BC
    • Many local members think that Horst is very deserving of this nomination. Among other things, he is the organizer of the Aero Club of BC’s COPA for Kids program. He is an ardent COPA supporter and is one of the guys they can rely on for support around the aviation community.
  • Janine Cross, BC
    • She has been a volunteer for ten years with the Air Time Canada program that encourages and mentors a few hundred young people to become interested in aviation. Her numerous articles in the COPA Flight magazine are geared towards getting spouses to go along on flights and experience the adventure and the magic that is possible through general aviation. These contributions have encouraged several young women to become pilots.

Le laboratoire de l’Université Carleton recrute des pilotes bénévoles


Par Kathleen Van Benthem et Anya Pejemsky, Université Carleton

Le laboratoire d’ingénierie cognitive avancée (ACE) de l’Université Carleton, situé à Ottawa, est spécialisé dans la recherche de la sécurité des transports. Compte tenu des mesures de distanciation physique, le laboratoire ACE recherche des bénévoles pour participer à deux études « virtuelles » qui intéresseront la communauté aéronautique.

La première étude représente la prochaine étape dans la validation de CANFLY, un outil de dépistage de la santé cognitive pour les pilotes. Pour l’étude CANFLY, les participants répondront à de courtes questions sur leur conscience de la situation après avoir écouté quatre courts clips vidéo interactifs de scénarios de vol.

La deuxième étude, « Illusions visuelles dans la simulation de vol en réalité virtuelle », examine la présence et l’impact des illusions visuelles liées au vol dans des environnements de réalité virtuelle (VR) en 3D. Cette étude est innovante, car elle cherche des pilotes licenciés qui ont accès à des systèmes VR 3D comme le HTC Vive ou l’Oculus Rift. Au cours de l’étude, les participants réaliseront plusieurs scénarios de vol guidé, dirigé via des rencontres virtuelles. Les résultats de cette étude nous fourniront des informations sur la validité de la formation et des tests pour pilotes quant aux illusions de vol à l’aide de systèmes VR économiques.

Pour les deux études, les pilotes de tous âges et niveaux d’expérience sont encouragés à participer. Plutôt que d’exiger que les participants viennent à notre laboratoire physique, nous modifions nos méthodes de recherche afin que les données puissent être collectées auprès des pilotes dans le confort de leur domicile. Les données seront complètement anonymes, car nous ne demandons pas d’identifiants personnels et les adresses IP ne sont pas traçables via notre plateforme. [Notez que le projet se déroulera uniquement en anglais.]

Pour plus d’informations ou pour indiquer votre intérêt à participer à l’une ou aux deux études, vous pouvez répondre par courriel ou consulter les liens de l’étude sur notre site web.

Nous vous remercions de votre intérêt et espérons que vous nous contacterez bientôt.


Conseils de désinfection des avions d’AG

Il y a environ deux mois, au début de la pandémie de COVID-19, nous avons publié un article sur ce sujet écrit par Phil Lightstone, contributeur à l’infoLettre COPA. Maintenant, alors que les écoles de pilotage et les aéroclubs commencent à s’ouvrir à travers le pays, de nombreux membres qui ne volaient pas à l’époque nous demandent maintenant des conseils sur la façon de désinfecter les avions utilisés aussi par d’autres personnes.

Depuis que nous avons publié l’article de Phil, divers organismes et organisations, nationaux et internationaux, ont publié divers documents sur les suggestions de désinfection et nous en avons tiré quelques conseils pour les énumérer ci-dessous.

Même si les connaissances sur la façon dont le coronavirus est transmis continuent de croître, il est connu pour être transmissible via les fluides corporels. Par conséquent, les surfaces intérieures d’un avion peuvent être contaminées par une personne qui éternue, tousse ou expulse autrement des gouttelettes dans l’air lorsqu’elle est à l’intérieur. Par conséquent, la plupart des surfaces intérieures doivent être désinfectées en les essuyant avec une solution contenante au moins 60 pour cent d’alcool isopropylique (AIP) mélangé à de l’eau. Il est recommandé d’utiliser une solution avec seulement 50 pour cent d’AIP sur les tableaux de bord.

Il y a de fortes recommandations sur ce qu’il ne faut pas faire, car cela peut propager le virus ou endommager le matériel de l’avion :

  • N’utilisez pas d’air comprimé, de nettoyeurs à vapeur ou à haute pression;
  • N’utilisez pas d’aspirateur pour commencer le processus de nettoyage, car les gaz d’échappement de la machine peuvent propager le virus;
  • N’utilisez pas d’ioniseur. Bien qu’efficace sur les matières organiques, il aura également un effet néfaste sur le caoutchouc, les plastiques et le cuir;
  • N’utilisez pas de peroxyde d’hydrogène en raison de son effet néfaste sur le cuir, les matériaux acryliques et les fenêtres en polycarbonate;
  • Ne partagez pas les casques d’écoute.

Inversement, les conseils suivants doivent être pris en compte :

  • Encouragez les passagers qui vous accompagnent à utiliser des masques faciaux non médicaux s’ils ne sont pas tenus de parler avec un casque;
  • Suivez les procédures de désinfection avant et après l’utilisation de l’avion, au cas où cela n’aurait pas été fait par un l’utilisateur précédent ou le suivant;
  • Utilisez des chiffons en microfibre pour nettoyer les faces des instruments afin d’éviter de les rayer;
  • Utilisez des gants lorsque vous effectuez une inspection pré-

Restez en bonne santé, volez en toute sécurité et profitez-en à plein ciel !

Crédit d’image: iStock / kudou

Places to Fly: Kars, Ontario

The Kars chapter of the RAA (4928) is holding their 11th annual Ski- or Fly- or Drive-In at the Kars airport (CPL3) this coming Sunday (March 7). From 11:00 to 14:00, home-style food is on offer at their clubhouse at the Rideau Valley Air Park.

Located just west of the Rideau River, the aerodrome’s turf runway (08/26) is normally 1,800 feet long by 100 feet wide. Road access is via Dilworth Road just east of Highway 416.

Call 613.296.3391 for further details and runway conditions.

Summertime photo submitted.

MAJOR, Paul-Marc


Paul-Marc Major

Gatineau, QC

Pilote privé avec une annotation OTT et vol de nuit ainsi que membre de la COPA de depuis 1999, je suis propriétaire-partenaire d’un avion de type cessna 172. Je suis membre du Ottawa Rockcliffe Flying Club, de l’Association des gens de l’avion de Gatineau et membre d’Aviateur Québec. J’ai vendu mon commerce, il y a près de 2 ans, je suis donc jeune retraité, ayant maintenant beaucoup plus de temps à vaquer à mon vif intérêt pour l’aviation qui est ma principale passion.  Ma grande disponibilité et mon enthousiasme à occuper ces fonctions sont des motivations supplémentaires à travailler et faire avancer des dossiers difficiles afin de les mener à terme avec soin et de façon méticuleuse dans le domaine. Ces nombreuses expériences acquises dans mes occupations des 25 dernières années seront assurément un atout dans l’exercice de ces fonctions. Mon but est d’offrir mon temps et mon savoir au service de l’équipe en place en joignant le conseil d’administration de la COPA et ainsi continuer au sein de cette équipe d’atteindre les buts et les objectifs de l’organisme et ainsi continuer avec vous de mieux servir le domaine de l’aviation. En résumé, ma grande disponibilité, mon vif intérêt dans le domaine, ma rigueur et mon efficacité sont mes meilleurs atouts à joindre votre équipe pour ce poste.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

DELORME, Matthieu


Matthieu Delorme

Longueuil, QC

Membre de la COPA depuis 1999, je suis un passionné de l’aviation, propriétaire d’un Cirrus SR22 (C-GNTU), j’ai construit un S45 Mystère (C-GPMD) et je suis membre du conseil d’administration de l’aéroport de St-Mathieu de Beloeil (CSB3).  J’ai ma licence Privé IFR/Nuit depuis plus de 40 ans.  Au niveau professionnel, je suis Premier Vice-président du groupe Canam au niveau de la technologie et j’ai toujours été très actif au niveau de l’innovation (voir mon CV).  J’ai 5 enfants, toutes des filles, de 23 à 33 ans.  Ma plus vieille est contrôleur aérien chez Nav Canada et j’ai un gendre pilote à Air Canada.  Je désire joindre la COPA afin de m’impliquer encore plus dans le développement de l’aviation générale afin d’en assurer la pérennité et d’en faire la promotion chez nos jeunes.  Avec l’expérience acquise dans la gestion d’un petit aéroport et mon expérience en entreprise, je pense que je peux apporter à la COPA des conseils judicieux et des idées d’évolution novatrices.  Ayant à voyager beaucoup en région, je réalise l’importance de garder les accès aux aéroports de ces régions, je connais plusieurs entrepreneurs dont le choix des emplacements en région est basé sur la proximité d’un aéroport.

En espérant que ma candidature sera retenue,

Matthieu Delorme[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



Jonathan Beauchesne

Montréal, QC

Originaire de Montréal, Jonathan Beauchesne est pilote depuis près de 17 ans et détient sa licence de pilote commercial (canadien et américain) depuis 2010. Il possède également ses annotations multi-IFR, nuit et hydravion.

Jonathan siège au conseil d’administration de COPA depuis 2014. Il a défendu plusieurs aéroports, dont St-Hubert, Mascouche et Neuville. Il a rencontré de nombreux membres au cours des dernières années afin de faire rayonner COPA et permis la création de trois (3) nouveaux Clubs COPA au Québec.

Il souhaite continuer de défendre les intérêts des aviateurs canadiens et trouver des opportunités qui permettront de faire croître le monde de l’aviation générale à l’échelle nationale.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Doug Ronan

Brechin, ON

I started flying at age 14 with a good friend of my fathers, George Trelford,  who had a Cessna 180 on floats.  He taught me how to fly on many “bushflying” adventures throughout Canada and the States.  From then on flying has been my life.

During high school I worked at Markham Airport as Assistant Manager. I was an apprentice AME at Markham and Ken Wilson Aircraft. In 1988 I bought my first airplane – a 1964 Cessna 150 – since then I have owned over 125 airplanes and have accumulated approximately 6000 hours. In 1990 I started my business, Doug Ronan Aircraft Sales, doing aircraft sales, restorations, a Structures AMO, and aircraft salvage. We operate from our 150 acre private airport with two intersecting 2000 foot grass strips and a 2000 foot water runway near the NE corner of Lake Simcoe.  I have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of both Certified and Homebuilt aircraft.

In March 2004 I formed the Ontario Seaplane Association (COPA flight 110).   In 2004, I was appointed to COPA’s six member National Seaplane Advisory Committee to deal with seaplane issues across the country. I was invited by Transport Canada to take part in the Responsible Aerodrome Development focus group in 2015/2016. I am currently a Field Director for the Seaplane Pilots Association and a director for the International 180/185 Association. I was a COPA Director for 7 ½ years and fought and won many battles on behalf of General Aviation in Canada.

I look forward to your support in the upcoming election as a COPA Director for Southern Ontario for a 3rd term.


Randy Peckham

Ottawa, ON

Randy has been a pilot since 1985, holding Glider, Private and Commercial pilot licenses. He is qualified for single and multi-engine land aircraft, with a Group 1 IFR rating. He currently owns and flies a Cessna 340A and flies ~300 hrs/year for business and personal use. Previous aircraft ownership includes a Diamond DA40, Cessna T310R and a Piper Cherokee PA28. He has been a member of COPA since 2008 and an AOPA member since 2011.

Randy is an active member of the aviation community, with a passion for promoting general aviation.  It is his belief that as a COPA Director additional visibility can be brought to the aviation community with a goal to further highlight and validate its importance in Canada. Enabling and empowering general aviation while protecting and enhancing the availability and accessibility of aviation resources is his primary goal. Additionally, promoting the accessibility of aviation to the general Canadian population and facilitating modernization of aviation will be beneficial to aviators and passengers alike.

Randy has been involved in running numerous businesses, as well as working in the federal sector at the senior administrator level and has served as an officer in the Canadian Forces.  He is versed in the functions of a board of directors, and understands the efforts and processes required to effect change and to influence decision-making.


Clark Morawetz

Toronto, ON

I have been flying my entire life. I don’t know when my first flight was. I grew up in GA flying with my father and his friends for breakfast every Sunday morning. Flying is in my blood.

I obtained my Glider and Private Pilot’s Licences as a member of the Air Cadets. Since then, I have accumulated over 5,000 hours of flying in everything from homebuilts to the Q400. Today, I work as a Captain at Porter Airlines. While being a pilot is my profession, it is also my passion.

Since I learned to fly, I have volunteered at COPA, Young Eagles and Women in Aviation Events. In 2010, I helped Oshawa Airport become the “Most Female Friendly Airport in the World”, by flying more women in GA aircraft than anywhere else on Earth. In 2011, Women of Aviation Week awarded my story for the “Most Unusual Introductory Flight” top prize. In 2017, I was awarded the President’s Award by COPA for my work on COPA’s Strategic Planning Committee. I am currently a member of COPA Flight 32, based out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

For as long as I can remember, I couldn’t wait for the next edition of COPA Flight to show up in the mail, so I could check out the classifieds and dream about owning my own airplane. In 2017, my girlfriend and I purchased our first airplane, a 1971 Cessna 172L, through COPA Flight.

I want to your next director for Southern Ontario because I feel I have the ability to bridge the gap between the GA community we have now, and the community that we need to have in the future.