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G7 Airspace Restrictions Set

A large swath of airspace in eastern Quebec will be affected by flight restrictions to accommodate the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec in early June. The Summit goes June 8-9 at Manor Richelieu, on the St. Lawrence River, but some restrictions will be in place as early as June 1 and as late as June 10. The restrictions will affect at least a dozen airports, seaplane bases and heliports and are complex and overlapping in nature. Some will also be designed to accommodate the comings and goings of heads of state and their entourages. Anyone who plans to fly anywhere near that area at that time should be thoroughly familiar with the areas under restriction and should check NOTAMs carefully at the time to make sure they haven’t changed.

As always, errant aircraft will be intercepted and if they don’t comply with the directions from military aircraft they can be shot down. “G7 Summit restricted airspace has been designed to allow the Department of National Defence (DND) to safely manage participating air traffic and to help ensure that non-authorized, non-participating air traffic will remain clear of the airspace surrounding sensitive G7 activities,” the AIP supplement detailing the restrictions says. “Restricted airspace activation will coincide with the arrival and departure dates of the visiting heads of state at Bagotville and Charlevoix and will also support increased air traffic in and out of Charlevoix in the week leading up to the event.” The supplement will be released March 29. It appears in English and French below.