October 25, 2018

CARs Review Underway


TCCA is conducting a review of the CARs and is inviting industry participation. The objective, according to TCCA’s website, is to update and improve the regulations to “strengthen safety and better support innovation and economic growth in Canada”.

The CARs were first introduced in 1996 and, since then, have become cumbersome through the introduction of amendments, updates and additions. However, it is not intended to change the structure of the CARs as a direct result of this review.

Lasting five years, the review seeks input from key partners and stakeholders, including associations and individuals having a particular interest in the CARs.

Details can be found on a TCCA website dedicated to this review.

COPA invites feedback from members so that issues can be identified. Says COPA CEO Bernard Gervais, “By getting feedback from as many members as possible, we will be able to identify themes that may occur in different parts of the CARs and that can be addressed holistically, not just in one or two parts of the regulations.” Gervais added, “Please feel free to contact us to discuss and share your opinions.”

TCCA’s consultation period ends on November 30, 2018.