April 18, 2019

Cannabis and Your Medical Certificate


The new Medical Evaluation Form implemented by Civil Aviation Medicine in December 2018 now contains a question about cannabis use. Please see the TCCA letter to this effect (appended below).

A positive answer to the question about cannabis use in the past 12 months results in the following:

  • The Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME) completes the examination, and must defer the renewal (if applicable).
  • The CAME forwards the application for assessment by the Regional Aviation Medical Examiner (RAMO).
  • The RAMO assesses the application. If necessary, the RAMO issues a letter to the applicant requesting further information from their healthcare provider to clarify the nature of the cannabis use, including:
    • Reason for use (e.g. recreational or medical – if medical, then the underlying health condition requiring treatment)
    • Frequency of use
    • Dose
    • Delivery method (smoking, vaped, ingested)
    • Any history of a diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder
    • Any other patterns of substance use that could affect aviation safety
  • Upon receipt of the additional information, the RAMO will reassess the application and provide a decision.
  • The decision will be communicated to the applicant, along with a reminder that cannabis use is incompatible with medical certification and aviation safety.

Bottom line, your choices are simple:

Do not consume cannabis; or lie about it, in which case a coroner might expose the truth.

COPA strongly recommends the first option.

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