April 2, 2020

Candace Pardo


I began my aviation adventures in 2013 starting in Brampton, Ontario. I have called three different provinces and 6 flight schools home. I am a Class 3 flight instructor in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, a RCM instructor, and I am completing my bachelor’s degree in business management. Aviation is a way of life combining nature, technology, and community. Planning and flying cross countries with local youth groups, coordinating at risk youth to attend women in aviation events, presenting at schools, and enjoying the thrill of advancing my students training through safety and fun is how I enjoy sharing my love of aviation. Across different provinces many fellow Canadians (especially youth and mature pilots) have shared with me that growth in aviation is unattainable or not feasible. Sharing resources, opportunities, creating safety in each members personal aircraft, and/or starting a career is a challenge we can overcome. I know we can evolve, educate, and grow our aviation community by creating a welcoming and safe environment to our aviation and non-aviation members alike. Last fall a fellow instructor and I created an aviation “meetup” group which holds monthly training workshops. “Prairie Aviators” is open to all, non-aviators to professionals. Educating others and sharing our resources builds communities for current and future aviators. Our community is small but fierce, we are constantly striving to expand, by hopefully bringing COPA flights to our area. I want to share my love of aviation with fellow Canadians and bring the sense of excitement back to aviation. The single most important skill I feel I can bring to our members as a COPA director is my excitement to educate safety to others both inside and outside of aviation. Advancing aviation in anyway is priceless and I look forward to being a part of it!