August 8, 2019

Canadians Take Home AirVenture Prizes


Each year the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) hands out awards at AirVenture to entrants in various competitive categories, and this year a number of Canadians were recognized with an award, plaque or a highly sought-after Lindy Award. Named after legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh, the Lindy Awards are given out to only the best of the best.

The categories include Homebuilts, Warbirds, Vintage, Ultralights, Seaplanes and Rotorcraft. Although physical appearance of the aircraft is important, the EAA also stresses that the quality of workmanship is a crucial factor as well.

In the Vintage category (sub-category Bronze Age – 1937-1941), Buck Korol of High River, Alberta won runner-up with his 1938 Luscombe Model 4.

Scott McFadden of Thunder Bay, Ontario won a Gold Lindy – Grand Champion in the Classic category for his 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D (pictured above).

The award for the Best Primary Trainer in the Warbird category went to Dan Garyfalakis of Mono, Ontario for his de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk.

Canadians also took home prizes in the Seaplane category, with Oakville, Ontario’s Ron Bekkers winning a plaque for Outstanding Metal with his Cessna 180. Still in Ontario, Paul Wild, from Sault Ste. Marie won a plaque for Best Fabric with his PA-18.

Although not a Canadian person, a Canadian-built plane earned its American owner Bill Culbersoal a Judges’ Choice award in the Jet category with his Canadair CT-133 Silver Dart.