December 27, 2018

Canadian Technology to Propel Electric Aircraft


Ontario’s Hydrogenics has landed a contract with the developers of an ‘electric air mobility vehicle’ to design and supply a fuel cell system for it. The company developing this light aircraft, which envisions it will be used for daily commuting and other applications, wishes to remain unidentified for competitive reasons.

Hydrogenics has experience in this field, having contributed its technology to the prototype of a German all-electric four-passenger plane, the HY4.

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected by this innovative organization in the market for air mobility, where we see growing interest in aircraft applications to solve urban congestion”, said Hydrogenics’ president and CEO Daryl Wilson. “Hydrogenics has already established a position in the aerospace industry due to our work on the world’s first multi-passenger, all-electric airplane – launched in 2017 – and as a supplier to leading companies such as Airbus and Boeing. We look forward to adapting our proven, heavy-duty fuel cell solutions to this new aircraft.”

Mississauga-based Hydrogenics, founded as Traduction Militech Translation Inc. in 1988, changed its name to Hydrogenics in 1990. It acquired German company EnKAT GmbH in 2002, which then became its European division. Its main business is the development and manufacture of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products using proton exchange membrane and water electrolysis technologies.