October 18, 2023

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association open house

Jon Robinson

— Text and photos by Gus and Clara Corujo

On a rainy, cold, and windy day, the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association hosted its final open house fly day of the season.

With three Harvard aircraft and a rotation of five pilots, the CHAA succeeded in bringing broad smiles to their delighted passengers.

This all-volunteer organization is on a mission to acquire, preserve, restore, maintain, display and demonstrate the Harvard and other training aircraft associated with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

The Harvard takes flight today as both a symbol and a poignant reminder of all those who served to safeguard our freedom, serving as a living memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure we can continue to live in a free country.

A special thank you is extended to the Canadian Harvard Association and the dedicated army of volunteers who have transformed CHAA into a remarkable organization.