September 9, 2020

Canadian Drone Company Announces Milestone


Drone Delivery Canada announced earlier this month that its Condor remotely piloted cargo helicopter has successfully completed a number of field tests in Foremost, Alberta. Among the systems tested were the communications system (using three different technologies: satellite, cellular and 900 MHz RF), a navigation system with triple redundancy and an autopilot system also with triple redundancy. Flight following and monitoring was done from its Vaughan, Ontario operations centre.

“We are very pleased with the ongoing successful testing results of the Condor,” said company president and CEO Michael Zahra. “By the end of 2020 we also expect to have testing on the Robin XL completed. The Sparrow, Robin XL and Condor all have unique use-case applications based on range and payload capabilities, and we are excited to have all three coming to market.”

Further testing of the Condor is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020 in anticipation of the aircraft’s commercialization. The Condor has an expected range of 200 kilometres and a payload capacity of 180 kilograms.

“Pre-selling efforts are underway and market response has been very favourable in Canada and internationally,” added Zahra. “We continue to be a leader in the industry with our advanced, proven solution.”

Photo credit: DDC