March 23, 2018

Cadet Flight Training RFP Re-Issued


The Department of National Defence has a requirement for professional services for the provision of a Private Pilot License Course in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations in support of Air Cadet ‘Power’ Pilot Scholarship Program.

The purpose of this Notice of Proposed Procurement is to signal the government’s intention to competitively and openly solicit Bids from potential Flying Training Units across Canada for services in July and August 2018 — for a second time. The first Request for Proposal W8561-18-0010/A closed on 7 Mar 2018 and achieved a number of successful, responsive bids and a number of contracts will be awarded. However, as target numbers have not yet been reached and as funding permits, the Department of National Defence is welcoming more bids for this same requirement.

This Request for Proposal W8561-18-0010/B Air Cadet Pilot Training 2018 will be posted for 10 calendar days only and contains the same criteria as the previous one. However, the Bid Submission format has been simplified into a more bidder-friendly version.

The Department of National Defence remains committed in their intension to award approximately 18 contracts from these two competitive processes, and the sum total estimated value of all contracts will not exceed the firm ceiling of $2,800,000.00 CAD, taxes included. To the extent possible, allocation of Air Cadet Students to various flight schools across Canada remains similar to the various provincial population distributions, although necessarily influenced by the affordability and availability of accommodations for the Air Cadets.

Service Requirements:

This requirement remains unchanged and will deliver to each Air Cadet all necessary flight training facilities, training tools, aircraft and personnel for completion of a Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence Course in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations, consisting of a minimum of forty-five (45) hours of ground school instruction (excluding the Transport Canada written examination), plus a minimum of forty-five (45) hours of flight training and flight testing.

Requests for Proposal: See attached documents (pending, which may take up 24 hours to be released by the Buy & Sell system).

Please consult the website for details and contact information.

W8561-18-0010-B_PPS_2018_RFP_Orig 15Mar2018