January 27, 2022

Bye updates eFlyer 800 program progress

Jon Robinson

Bye Aerospace on Jan. 24 announced its production backlog now stands at 135 purchase deposit and option total agreements for its all-electric, twin-motor eFlyer 800 targeted for the regional airline market. Across all eFlyer models in development, Bye is now approaching a 900 units total in its backlog, including 732 paid purchase deposits and 162 paid, time-limited purchase option deposits.

“The response has been enthusiastically positive since we announced the eFlyer 800 in April of last year,” said George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. “We are particularly grateful to our launch customers, Jet It and JetClub, for their endorsement of this ground-breaking program. In addition, Safran continues to be a supportive partner as we continue to assess the most efficient electric powertrain using Safran’s dual ENGINeUS electric motors and GENeUSGRID electric distribution and network protection system.”

Bye is working closely with Safran to determine the most efficient electric powertrain for the eFlyer 800. “After two years of testing in Safran lab, we have validated all the key features and demonstrated the unrivalled performance of our ENGINeUS 500,” said Hervé Blanc, Executive Vice President and General Manager with Safran Electrical & Power. “This electric motor can deliver 750 kW maximum take-off power, which is the perfect fit for the eFlyer 800. Our GENeUSGRID system will further support the eFlyer 800 architecture design with dissimilar distribution components that ensure a full protection against all potential dysfunctional behaviours of a high voltage electrical propulsion system.”

Bye notes the eight-seat eFlyer 800 has a 65-inch-wide cabin for business transportation, while the company is studying a 12-seat configuration for commuter operators.

Bye is in the process of obtaining FAA Part-23 certification for the eFlyer 2 for the professional flight training mission and the four-seat eFlyer 4 for air taxi, cargo and advanced training uses.