April 2, 2020

Brian Pinsent


I have been an aircraft owner and private pilot for over 40 years and remain current on my Lake Buccaneer. I consider myself a grass roots aviator with a love of small aircraft operations. One thing that I have come to appreciate is that pilots and owners are a diverse group with many different opinions, however listening to them on the whole, it’s obvious that the big items, freedom to fly, medicals, insurance, maintenance, technology change and the overall cost of flying, are common concerns of all the members. In Canada, the COPA organization has to continually negotiate with both the regulator, Transport Canada, and the ANS Operator, Nav Canada. Having experience working with both organizations, I have an understanding of the priorities driving both groups in their decision making.  I would like to be given the opportunity to use this knowledge, combined with my many years of private aircraft operation and ownership to help steer COPA into successful cooperation with both of these entities. I would always want to be listening to the membership, for which the touch button items I hear recently include medicals, improving and supporting the owner maintenance aircraft category, and reducing the potential costs of ADS-B implementation to the small aircraft operator. These are complicated issues that not only require identification but the formulation and presentation of potential solutions. Presenting your views to COPA would be my commitment.