March 7, 2019

Boeing Acquires ForeFlight


In a joint press release issued on Wednesday of this week, Boeing announced they have acquired ForeFlight, a company that specializes in air navigation apps. The Houston, Texas-based ForeFlight has been partners with Boeing for the last two years through their collaboration with Boeing-owned Jeppesen, a provider of aeronautical data and charts.

“We are excited to build on ForeFlight’s tremendous success in personal, business and defense aviation so we can provide next-generation, integrated tools to our aviation customers today,” Boeing vice-president of digital solutions Ken Sain said. “This acquisition also expands Boeing’s rapidly growing, unparalleled digital services portfolio which will enable us to compete and win in the $2.8 trillion, 10-year services market.”

ForeFlight, founded in 2007 by two private pilots, declares that they “obsess over creating the best user experience.” The firm currently employs 180 people, with satellite offices in Portland, Maine and Austin, Texas.

ForeFlight co-founder and CEO Tyson Weihs said “We are inspired by the future built at Boeing and what our teams will be able to create by coming together. Our companies share a passion for delivering customers the essential tools that drive efficiency, productivity, and safety.”