October 4, 2019

Blackcomb Helicopters Goes Green


Whistler-based Blackcomb Helicopters (BH) joins floatplane airline Harbour Air of nearby Vancouver in becoming carbon-neutral. BH, with a fleet of 23 helicopters including 10 different types, offers services to a wide variety of industries, including the film industry (its sister company is Vancouver Film Studios), utility support, heli-skiing, medivacs, aerial tourism and Search & Rescue.

“Building on our experience with Vancouver Film Studios becoming the first carbon neutral film studio in Canada almost 12 years ago, we knew that a carbon reduction and offsetting program was consistent with Blackcomb’s culture,” said Jason McLean CEO of the McLean Group.  “Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time and we can’t simply leave it to regulators to fix things for us.  Businesses also need to adapt and help lead the transition to a lower carbon economy.”

BH attains carbon neutrality by offsetting its carbon footprint by participating in a forest conservation project on British Columbia’s Quadra Island as well as through other ‘green tech’ initiatives.

“In my 40 years in the industry, burning jet fuel has been a constant and there are really no near-term alternatives to gas turbines for the missions expected of us,” general manager John Morris added.  “We could not have taken this step without the strong support of our customers, staff, and stakeholders who recognize the value in confronting carbon emissions proactively and we are grateful for their support.”

Photo courtesy of Blackcomb helicopters