February 9, 2018

BLACK, David



David Black

North Vancouver, B.C.

David has been an active participant in general aviation for over 35 years.  He regularly flies with his pilot-wife throughout Canada and the USA and has flown general aviation in England, Germany, Israel, and Jordan.

David is the current President of the Golden Ears Flying Club (at CYPK) (www.goldenearsflying.org) which operates 2 Cessna 172s for 25 members.  In that capacity, David also organizes aviation presentations on topics ranging from Pilot Decision Making to Terminal Procedures to Travel Logs to Aviation Humour.

David and his wife are ROC-A examiners and run a program that brings aviation into BC high-school classrooms as a means of teaching STEM subjects and aviation related courses like “Cockpit Math”, “Leadership through CRM”, “Aviation Weather”, and “Careers in Aviation”.

Over 20 years ago, David founded the Air Time Canada Youth Aviation Program (www.airfun.org) which uses aviation to help young people develop self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills.  In 2013, he received the Emilia Earhart Award of Merit from the 99s at their Annual Convention in Montana for his work with troubled youth.  Through the Air Time Canada program, David has personally conducted over 1900 first-flights and has seen a significant percentage of those people go one to become private or commercial pilots.

David spent some years as an Air Traffic Controller and has worked at Boundary Bay Tower, Vancouver Center, and Vancouver Tower.

In his professional life, David is the Director of Technology for a transportation security company in Metro Vancouver.  In that role, David has had a lot of experience leading complex projects and communicating with management teams, executive boards, and government organizations.

David is a passionate supporter and advocate of General Aviation and has an excellent understanding of flight safety and flight operations.  He is an articulate communicator and well versed in digital media and communications.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]