October 28, 2020

Aviation Workers Plan Protests for Friday


Workers from the aviation sector are planning demonstrations for Friday aiming to pressure the federal government to come up with an aviation recovery strategy for Canada. A demonstration organized by Unifor Local 7378 (the union which represents Sunwing pilots) is planned for Toronto-Pearson airport.

“The aviation industry needs support,” Unifor Local 7378 president Barret Armann said. “Both the federal and provincial governments have done little to ensure this industry and its taxpaying workers and families survive the pandemic.”

A street demonstration is also planned for Toronto and Montreal, the latter outside of Transport Minister Marc Garneau’s office.

“Over the past seven months we have seen a transformation in the aviation sector like no other,” Unifor’s national president Jerry Dias said. “The facts are now clear. If we want to save our aviation industry from total collapse, we need the federal government to implement an aviation strategy that focuses on workers and building the sector as a whole.”

Further demonstrations are planned for Montreal and Vancouver for the next two Fridays.

Image credit: JHVEPhoto