November 9, 2017

Aviation Introductory Course Online


Waterloo University is joining forces with the International Civil Aviation Organization to offer the educational equivalent of the discovery flight.

Fundamentals of the Air Transport System (FATS) will be an online course that allows those with no background in aviation to learn about how it works and perhaps see opportunities for themselves in the industry.

The course does not require direct interaction between student and instructor so anyone, anywhere can take the classes on their own schedule.

The course consists of nine modules and it requires active participation by the student. Lectures, demonstrations and graphic representations cover the course material and while the course is free, the final exam and course certificate will cost $100.

The goal is to engage a new generation of candidates for the expanding air transportation industry, which is facing labour shortages across the board.

“With such need for the next generation of aviation professionals, this industry offers a variety of exciting career opportunities.  However, young people may be intimidated by the cost of training or just not know about the many diverse careers that exist in the industry,” said Waterloo Prof. Suzanne Kearns, who designed the course.

The ICAO joined because of the worldwide application of the course material and its accessibility.

“This new partnership represents an important first step toward addressing the shortage of highly-skilled personnel facing the aviation industry,” said Fang Liu, secretary-general of ICAO. “Providing greater access to affordable quality training is key to attracting, educating and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals.”

The course is expected to be ready for students by the end of the year.