September 19, 2019

Alberta Air Park Under Threat


The Okotoks Air Ranch (CFX2), located south of Calgary, Alberta, is receiving a growing volume of noise complaints that threaten to restrict the activities of, or even shut down, the Calgary-Okotoks Flying School, especially since an aircraft crash-landed recently at the privately-own airstrip. The August, 2019 accident did not result in any injuries to the student-pilot or instructor.

The air park is the centrepiece of a phased housing development where many homes are built with hangars and enjoy direct access to the 3,025-foot asphalted runway. The presence of the flight school helps to offset the cost of maintaining the runway.

“The concern for me is that if this flight school is shut down and the other businesses operating out of this operation, then this property could potentially be rezoned for housing or for a strip mall,” said resident Chris Morgan.

Residents of nearby Drake Landing have sent letters to the town of Okotoks requesting that restrictions be placed on the hours when the school may operate. However, the town’s mayor, Bill Robertson, admits the town cannot impinge on the federal government’s jurisdiction over aeronautical matters.

A petition has been started by some air park residents to support the flight school.

photo credit: Google Earth