April 20, 2018

Airport Courtesy Cars


Pilots on long US cross-country flights with multiple overnight stops are often faced with the problem of selecting an airport that is near or accessible to hotels and restaurants. Often the most route efficient airports are miles from the nearest town and too far to walk and may have no taxi service. Many US airports offer courtesy cars to transient pilots but finding which airports have such vehicles is difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. In planning a long US trip, a COPA member found a website that locates all airports offering courtesy cars indexed by State. This is a fantastic benefit making stay- over locations easy to plan. All COPA members flying in the US will find this web site and its mobile application immensely useful. It is www.airportcourtesycars.com. This member suggests that Canadian pilots could certainly use something like this and perhaps COPA could display this information when known. COPA agrees with this and welcomes any information to this effect.