June 21, 2019

Aerial ‘Promposal’


One of the most terrifying rites of passage for many young men is asking a special girl to the high school prom but Luc Dubois decided to turn the tables on the apple of his eye. The new pilot from Sarnia simulated an engine failure in a Cessna 172 while on a sightseeing flight with Rafella Garito and earned the shocked reaction he was looking for when he chopped the power. That kicked in the second part of his elaborate “promposal.”

Invoking his best crew resource management principles he handed her an engine-out emergency checklist. As she read through the list of pragmatic steps (Trim, pick a field, fuel, mixture etc) familiar to pilots but clearly unfamiliar to the nervous passenger she got to a line that was PhotoShopped onto the official check list that read: “In Order To Land Safely Passenger Must…GO TO PROM WITH PILOT. They both landed safely and went to the prom together.