Summary of the issue

  • COPA regularly receives anecdotal information from our members regarding instances where there may have been service difficulties from any of NAV CANADA’s Air Traffic Services (ATS) units around the country.
  • COPA has been working collaboratively with NAV CANADA to investigate these occurrences and to ensure our members are granted access to air traffic services and airspace. To address this issue, we require factual information with some specifics.
  • COPA members are encouraged to complete the NAV CANADA Experience Form to share their experiences with NAV CANADA – both positive and difficult.

Please use the tool below to share your experience. We encourage our members to report these instances so that we can collaborate with NAV CANADA to resolve any service issues and to share the positive feedback. No personal information will be shared.

Come back and fill out the form for all your experiences

NAV CANADA Experience Report

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