July 20, 2017

ADS-B Solutions Are Getting Smaller and Cheaper


In its constant drive for newer and better product for the avionics market, Garmin has just announced a new product of significant interest to pilots concerned with the implementation for ADS-B. The main concerns are related to complexity, cost of the unit(s), and cost of installation.

Garmin’s new GDL 82 is a small, light weight, low cost ADS-B Out solution, designed to work with your existing transponder by installing it in line between the transponder and its antenna. It also includes a built-in GPS WAAS position source for ADS-B purposes only. The GDL 82 measure 8.6 x 3.8 x 23.42 cm or 3.39 x 1.48 x 9.22 in, and weights 0.57 kg (1 lb 4 oz) with GPS WAAS. The kit includes a GDL 82, installation hardware, and a GPS WAAS antenna. It will be available in Fall 2017 at an announced price of $1795 US. This system outputs on 978 MHz UAT and allows an aircraft to operate in US airspace below 18,000ft.

COPA understands that this unit may not satisfy all our Canadian operators but we also feel this information is worth sharing as it demonstrates that the cost of ADS-B is gradually coming down as the manufacturers compete for market share. We also believe this unit might be interesting now for someone who flies regularly in US airspace.