November 14, 2019

ADS-B Implementation Proceeds: No Immediate Requirement To Equip


Nav Canada will begin ADS-B surveillance of the two classes of airspace on the dates previously announced and the new system “will be used on a priority basis for suitably equipped aircraft. Non-ADS-B Out-equipped aircraft will be accommodated within the airspace until a performance requirements mandated can be implemented.” Antenna diversity seems to be the main issue. Because Nav Canada will use the Aireon satellite system for ADS-B surveillance, on-board equipment will require an antenna that points up. That’s at odds with the U.S. ground-based system that requires antennas that point down. There are hundreds of aircraft in Canada that routinely use Class A and B airspace that are not properly equipped and Transport Canada has not yet written the rules that will require compliance. 

“Nav Canada will work closely with Transport Canada to develop a path towards a mandate. The postponement of the performance requirements mandate will provide time to develop the regulatory framework with Transport Canada to support an effective mandate,” Nav Canada said. “This will also provide additional time for the equipment certification process associated with antennae diversity requirements to progress considering potential future use cases in other airspace classifications.”