The Members’ Choice Awards program originated from a suggestion by one of our members to find a way to recognize service levels and quality from businesses and organizations serving the General Aviation community in Canada. The awards program is a way for our members to recognize businesses and organizations that directly contribute to the success of general aviation across Canada.

Nominations for these awards must be made by a proposer and must have a seconder. The proposer and the seconder must be current COPA members and not be employed or have an interest in the company being nominated. Nominees are not required to be current COPA members. You can give well-deserved recognition to your favourite business by nominating them for an award in one of the following categories:

  • Best Airport Management
  • Best Pilot Supply Store
  • Best Aircraft Maintenance
  • Best Aviation Event
  • Best FBO or Fuel Retailer
  • Best Flight Training Unit
  • Best Medical Examiner
  • Best Airport Restaurant

Voting is online through COPA’s website. Paper ballots will be made available upon request. Only current, paid members of COPA are eligible to vote. Nominations close October Nov 8th, 2019. (not including the airport restaurant contest).

Fill out Nomination Form Online

The Airport Restaurant Member’s Choice contest has unique rules to encourage participation:

  • The 2019 contest will use BINGO Boards! Get them here.
  • Voting is online from June 18, 2019 – August 31. Vote here.
  • Members are allowed 1 vote/day.
  • Restaurant employees, in addition to COPA members, may nominate their own restaurant – contact
  • or use the form below to do so.
  • Nominations are open until July 31, 2019 and restaurants will be added to the voting page until then.
  • Airport Restaurants include sit-down restaurants, chip trucks, canteens, lemonade stands, cafés, etc.

Past Winners

2019 Winners

Best Airport Restaurant: Tailwinds Bar & Grill

Restaurant Runner-up: Ma Baker’s

Restaurant Runner-up: Clear Sky Bistro

Best Flight Training Unit: Invermere Soaring Centre

Best Flight Training Unit: Sky Wings Aviation

Best Flight Training Unit: Air-Hart Aviation

Best Aircraft Maintenance: Macizzle Aero

2018 Winners

Best Airport Restaurant: Tailwinds Bar & Grill

Restaurant Runner-up: Gardens & Fields

Restaurant Runner-up: L’Aviateur

Best Pilot Supply: Hammond Aviation

Best Medical Examiner: Dr. Trevor Gillmore

Best Aircraft Maintenance: General Airspray

Best Aircraft Maintenance: Lake Central Aviation

Best Airport Management: Stanhope Airport and Stratford Municipal Airport