About CYJN Airport

 The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu airport was built in 1940 at the onset of World War 2 as a military training centre for bombers observers.  Still, today, the Royal military college and the Saint-Jean Garrison where the Canadian Armed Forces conduct basic training for more than 5000 people every year are close by.  The airport is also very active with glider activities of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.  

For several years, the federal government had rented the airport to the city and finally sold it in 2004 to the municipality. Since then, the municipality has proceeded to the rehabilitation of infrastructures allowing pilots, the Canadian Armed Forces, and companies to benefit from the site.  

The airport is conveniently located 30 minutes south of Montreal by car. It is a certified aerodrome (certificate issued in 1995) and occupies a large space with a total area of 1.5 million m2.  With its three (3) 100 feet wide paved runways, typical military-style and five (5) taxiways, the airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The lighted runway is 11/29 (ARCAL type J) which is 4000 feet long.  Most of the time winds favour this runway but the 3 runways configuration always allows landing and takeoff with minimal crosswinds. There is an IFR VOR (GNSS) capability on runway 06 with circling procedure. 

A control tower in both official languages  

The unique presence of a control tower, one of only 6 in the province, allows the provision of air traffic services (airport control service, alert service and flight information service) in both English and French.   The CYJN tower is renowned for its efficient and friendly service.  In the summertime, the tower is open from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm.  

In August, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu becomes the world’s “Hot Air Balloon Capital.”

The International Hot Air Balloon Festival is the largest hot-air balloon gathering in Canada.  Since 1984, the airport hosts one of the most popular international tourist events.  


The Association of Pilots and Owners of Hangar Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (APPH) was created in 2003 with its objective to promote aviation. The Association was founded by passionate persons and it is operated by volunteers only. All of these persons care deeply about aviation in all its forms. In 2008, the association joined the growing number of aeronautical communities by becoming “COPA Flight 160”.   

One characteristic that APPH’s members share is their willingness to participate.  In 2018, about 80% attended at least one event and one-third worked as volunteers. With 300 members and still attracting new ones, APPH is now the largest in Quebec and the most active local pilot’s association.  In past years, the APPH has given rise to numerous meetings and events.  Members are invited to participate in monthly events throughout the year.  Among others, a famous Fly-In that takes place concurrently with the International Balloon Festival and the annual Copa for kid’s event that became in 2019 the largest event of its kind with 250 participants and about 1,000 visitors at the airport. 

Another particularity for a certified municipal airport, the pilot association has been responsible for operating the FBO for the past 4 years under contract and on behalf of the city. With daily airport inspections, refuelling, safety events and line services to GA customers, the association provides a “pilot to pilot” quality of service. 

A group of volunteers is already hard at work preparing for the COPA convention which will be held June 24-26 2022.  We want to make sure that every visiting pilot will have a wonderful experience here.