November 28, 2019

Pilot Apprehended at Langley, B.C. Airport


The busy but peaceful Langley Municipal Airport was crawling with law enforcement and border protection personnel last Wednesday after U.S. authorities pursued an aircraft from Winthrop, Washington to Langley. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said they tried to interview a pilot who landed at Winthrop without notifying Customs and he jumped back in his plane and took off. Members of the Air and Marine Operations arm of the agency gave chase in helicopters and officers saw the subject throw bags from the aircraft before crossing the border into Canada. 

“Due to the exceptional skills of our pilots and air interdiction agents, we were able to ensure that this man did not escape arrest,” the CBP said in a news release. “Additionally, our partnerships and coordination with Canadian law enforcement agencies played a crucial role in the arrest of this man.” After landing in Langley, the still-unidentified suspect was met by multiple agencies, including the RCMP. He was arrested and his aircraft was seized.