January 30, 2020

22 Planes Fly In To Montebello 2020


COPA’s annual fly-in at Montebello, Quebec saw 22 aircraft making the journey. With a landing strip designated in the snow on the frozen Ottawa River, those travelling by plane were able to land right in front of the Chateau Montebello, the event venue.

The ice was sufficiently thick to support the aircraft, but rain earlier in the day meant that only ski-equipped aircraft were able to land.

Many others travelled by more conventional means, with a total attendance estimated at between 60 and 70 people.

Among the booths set up were those of COPA, the Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada (UPAC), Aviateurs Québec and Smart Pilot. Representatives of Transport Canada made a presentation on transitioning between aircraft types. Samantha Wilson-Clark, Director of Civil Aviation Medicine at Transport Canada, discussed various medical themes, especially the use of cannabis.

“We were pleased to be joined by many new, younger members on the weekend and at the banquet, including Cameron Boekhoff, Captain of the rejuvenated COPA Flight 8 in Ottawa,” said COPA president and CEO Bernard Gervais.

Thirty-five people attended the banquet where the guest speaker was Steve Thorne of Flight Chops, a website featuring tips and videos aimed at increasing pilot skills.

Photo by Jean-Pierre Bonin