Challenging Weather, Pilot Inexperience Apparent in Floatplane Crash

Earlier this week the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) released its investigation report into a collision with terrain of a privately-operated float-equipped Piper Cub (PA-12) near Domain Lake in Ontario on May 28 of this year.

The investigation was limited in scope, meaning that it was restricted to the gathering of facts that is intended to promote safety awareness.

Among some of the facts highlighted in the report are the predominance of high winds and wind shear in the area around the time of the flight, the state of the surface of the lake and the low level of experience of the pilot for the weather conditions being flown in (102.7 hours total flight time and 3.3 hours as pilot in command on floats, the rating for which he had acquired the week before).

The full TSB report is appended below.