Stall Spin Caused Training Accident

The Transportation Safety Board has determined that the accident that killed to Mount Royal University flight instructors in 2017 was the result of an inadvertent spin. The two were practicing slow flight and stalls as part of one instructor’s multi-engine training when the Tecnam 2006 went into a spin. They recovered from the spin but ran out of altitude to pull out of the resulting dive.

The TSB said that because multi-engine aircraft are not spin tested as part of their certification, their spin characteristics aren’t known and that adds risk to any training requiring full stalls in twin-engine aircraft. Transport Canada, however, requires stall exercises as part of the mult-engine training syllabus.  “If full-stall demonstrations are required as part of a multi-engine rating test, there is an increased risk that, due to unknown spin characteristics, pilots may not be able to regain aircraft control if the stall progresses into a spin,” the board found.

Mount Royal has changed its training procedures to require all stall training to take place at least 4,000 feet AGL. It’s also stopped using the Tecnams and bought two Piper Senecas for muilti training.

Small Airports Get Funding Boost

The federal government has changed funding criteria for projects at smaller Canadian airports and four of those facilities will benefit this year. Federal funds will flow into Sault Ste Marie Airport, Red Deer Airport and the Kingston/Norman Rogers Airport for safety improvements while Fredericton International Airport will also get a terminal expansion. The approvals were the result of changes to the National Trade Corridors Fund which allowed smaller airports that were privatized in the 1990s to apply under that program.

”Canada’s airports’ model has allowed airports to invest in their facilities, improve services for travellers and ensure capacity for the tremendous growth in air traffic we have seen over the past 25 years,” said Atlantic Canada Airports Association (ACAA) President Reg Wright, who is also the president and chief executive officer of the Gander International Airport. “Infrastructure funding reform has been an ACAA priority for several years. Allowing airports to participate in federal funding programs makes sense, we are integral to Canada’s transportation system and drive economic development in our communities.”

Hundreds Meet Hadfields at AirVenture

Hundreds of people turned out to have their photos taken with astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield at a COPA-sponsored event on Thursday at AirVenture. The amiable COPA spokesman greeted each of those who lined up in the International Pavilion where COPA shared a booth with Transport Canada and Nav Canada to promote the General Aviation Safety Campaign. “It’s a great event to bring together some of the many Canadians who attend Oshkosh,” said COPA President and CEO Bernard Gervais.

With Hadfield was his brother Dave, who was there to fly the Vintage Wings Spitfire. The Hadfield brothers also used the event to launch a CD of original music by Dave called Climbin’ Away. A concert at AirVenture’s Theatre in the Woods featuring both brothers was held Thursday night. After the show, Dave Hadfield will head north to Winnipeg to do a cross-Canada flight to Comox, where the Spitfire he’s flying originated. A local group had been working on the restoration for 15 years when Vintage Wings stepped in to complete the extensive job.

AirVenture Activities

COPA is at Oshkosh all week promoting Canadian General Aviation. You can find us at our booth in the International Federal Pavilion. Working alongside Transport Canada and NAV Canada, our goals for the week include promoting general aviation safety, efficient and mutually beneficial cross-border cooperation, and getting youth interested in aviation.

We will be bringing together the Canadian community here at our Canadian Oshkosh Party on Tuesday July 24th at 17:30 CDT in the Partner Resource Center (the printed program incorrectly lists Wednesday – the app is now correct), and on Thursday July 26th for a Meet and Greet with colonel Chris Hadfield at 14:30 CDT at the COPA booth in the IFP.

We are excited for this opportunity to promote general aviation in Canada to our friends in the USA and for the chance to be a resource for the Canadian attendees here. Come find us at our booth and around the grounds today through Sunday!

Also, be sure to tag us in your Instagram and Facebook posts so that we may share them on our own page! Use hashtag #Osh18 and #copaflight so we can find you!

AWOS For Buffalo Narrows?

NavCanada is calling for input on whether it should replace the current manned contract weather observation service at Buffalo Narrows airport (YVT) in Saskatchewan with an automated weather observation system (AWOS). Follow this link for further information and how to comment.

Meet Chris Hadfield At the COPA/TC Booth

Just a reminder that world-famous astronaut, speaker and COPA Official Spokesman Col. Chris Hadfield will be available to greet COPA members at the General Aviation Safety Campaign booth in the International Pavilion at AirVenture 2018 Thursday from 2:30 to 4 p.m. He’ll be happy to make new acquaintances and greet old friends while talking about GA safety and the importance of initiatives like the joint program sponsored by COPA and Transport Canada. Hadfield is major promoter of aviation safety and improvement in the safety culture among GA pilots.

Hadfield will be with his brother Dave, an Air Canada Boeing 777 captain and both are lifelong COPA members along with other members of their family. Dave Hadfield is there to fly the Vintage Wings Spitfire at the show and the two brothers will also take the stage at the Theatre in the Woods at 8:30 p.m. Thursday to launch their new album. Both are accomplished musicians and there’s often homage to their love of aviation in their songs.

COPA At AirVenture

The air show that attracts more Canadians than any other is on this week and COPA is at AirVenture 2018 in force. President and CEO Bernard Gervais, along with Manager of Communications and Government Relations Carter Mann and his wife Kirsten, Manager of Operations JC Audet and intern Lauren Nagel flew from Ottawa in three aircraft to represent the COPA office. COPA Flight Editor Russ Niles and Associate Editor Steve Drinkwater will join columnist Phil Lightstone to provide coverage of the events at Oshkosh that are important to Canadian pilots.

New this year is COPA’s joint sponsorship of a booth in the International Pavilion highlighting the collaboration with Transport Canada in the General Aviation Safety Campaign. Do stop by the booth to learn about this industry-first initiative aimed at understanding the root causes of aviation accidents and looking at practical ways of addressing them without simply adding more regulations. Input is sought and valued and it’s your opportunity to help shape the initiatives that will result from this wide ranging program.

Make sure you join us for the “Canadian Party” Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. See you there.

Places to Fly: Oshkosh

We usually feature a Canadian airport but if you want to get together with Canadian pilots this week, Wittman Regional Airport is the place to be. Get the NOTAM and follow the directions and next thing you know you’ll be aiming for one of the dots on the runway after navigating the world’s busiest airspace. Make sure you join us for the “Canadian Party” Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. See you there.