Post Your Classified Ads Online

COPA’s new online Canadian Plane Trade classified advertising site is up and running and members have embraced the site as their new platform for buying and selling aviation-related items. To place an ad, participants need only set up an account (a painless one-time process), choose from one of four advertising packages and then submit their photos and text. Please use high resolution photos because in addition to appearing on the Web site, the ad will be placed in the popular print version of Canadian Plane Trade in COPA Flight magazine.

Ads will appear online for 30 days and once in the next issue of the print magazine. The prices are very competitive with the U.S.-based Web sites and publications that operate in Canada and they reach a highly targeted audience of active pilots and industry leaders.

As is normal with complex roll-outs like this, there have been a few problems reported in placing ads. If you run into a problem email to report it.

COPA Hands Out Awards

COPA handed out awards to deserving individuals and organizations at its annual convention and trade show in Saint John June 21-23. The President’s Award went to the B.C. General Aviation Association for its efforts to promote and support GA in the province. “Founded in 2015 by a small group of general aviation pilots, the B.C. General Aviation Association has quickly become a successful, province-wide community of pilots with over 1500 members and has become a model for similar organizations in other provinces,” said President Bernard Gervais. “Through a variety of popular initiatives such as the Survival Shakedown, Private Airstrip Access Program, trip-sharing forums, and comprehensive educational materials on topics specific to flying in B.C.’s unique environment, the B.C. General Aviation Association is consistently developing new and innovative ways to link pilots in the region, draw new members to the industry, and promote GA to the broader public.”

The convention also paid tribute to three Neil Armstrong scholarship recipients Erik Yaremkewich ($10,000 ab initio) Cody Lincoln ($3,000 continuing training) and Erik Urquhart ($2,000 continuing training). COPA Flight Editor Russ Niles announced Oshawa Flight 70 Captain Gord Mahaffy as the winner of the magazine award. Mahaffy was chosen for his reliable and responsible reporting of the activities, challenges and initiatives of his flight. Cougar Helicopters earned recognition for its support of COPA activities in Newfoundland. Merit Awards went to Dan Stringer and Jim and Jane Farrell for their tireless volunteer efforts in southern Ontario.Outgoing board members Jean Messier, Joe Hessberger, Cheryl Marek and Phil Englishman were recognized for their service to the organization.

McElroy New COPA Chair

An adventurous B.C. pilot who uses his wanderlust to raise money for non-profit groups is the new chairman of the board of directors of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA). Dave McElroy, of Kelowna, was elected chairman by his fellow board members at the organization’s convention and trade show in Saint John, New Brunswick, June 23. “I am humbled and I am honoured,” said McElroy, a retired forest industry executive and RV-6 owner who is also the president of the Kelowna Flying Club. McElroy was one of six new directors elected to the board in the hotly contested election held in February. Other executive members selected at the convention were Shane Armstrong, of Saskatchewan as western vice chair, Bill Mahoney, of Newfoundland as eastern vice chair. Jim Bell, of  Manitoba will remain secretary and Jonathan Beauschene, of Quebec, will continue as treasurer.

McElroy conducted his campaign for election to the board from South America. He and two other pilots circumnavigated the continent in January and February, raising more than $500,000 for Hope Air. The Give Hope Wings effort raised individual and corporate donations and also sold six individual legs of the trip to people who wanted to experience the rare flight. McElroy had earlier circumnavigated the planet in a Piper Comanche, raising money for a children’s hospital and Scottish air ambulance service (he was living in Scotland at the time). McElroy wasted no time setting an ambitious goal for COPA. In his acceptance speech in Saint John he noted that COPA has proportionately less participation by pilots in Canada than AOPA in the U.S. and said he would like to substantially increase membership in the coming year.

Most Lasers Banned Near Airports

Transport Canada has outlawed the outdoor possession of all but the smallest laser pointers within 10 km of airports in Canada as part of its drive to curtail laser attacks on aircraft. On June 28, the department issued an interim order banning the use of portable lasers emitting more than one milliwatt of power through its beam. Most laser pointers available in Canada are more powerful than that and many are thousands of times more powerful. So-called “green lasers” of 5,000 milliwatts are available for less than $200. Green lasers are the most common type reported in attacks on aircraft. Individual violators face fines of up to $5,000 while corporate offenders can be fined $25,000.

In addition to the airport prohibition, lasers of more than 1 milliwatt are also banned in public spaces throughout the greater Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto areas. It should be noted that simple possession of the device can trigger the fine. Violators don’t have to be caught using a laser. In practical terms, the 10 km. radius around airports bans them in most cities and towns. There are exceptions to the rule for those who have a “legitimate reason” for having the device on them. One such reason is the use of green lasers by astronomers and members of astronomy clubs to point to objects in the night sky. TC says law enforcement personnel will be trained on legal laser possession and will be able to issue fines “on the spot” for violators. Those who think they’ve been improperly fined can appeal to the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada. Anyone caught pointing any power of laser at an airplane faces fines of up to $100,000 and five years in jail.

Members’ Choice Awards 2018

By Lauren Nagel

COPA is pleased to be launching the second year of our Members’ Choice Awards with some exciting new additions!  The awards program is a way for our members to recognize businesses and organizations that directly contribute to the success of general aviation across Canada. You can give well-deserved recognition to your favourite business by nominating them for an award in one of the following categories:

• Best Airport Management       • Best Pilot Supply Store   • Best Aircraft Maintenance

• Best Aviation Event     • Best FBO or Fuel Retailer   • Best Flight Training Unit

• Best Medical Examiner     • Best Airport Restaurant (see below)

New this year, the Members’ Choice Airport Restaurant contest will run summer-long from July to August 2018. COPA Members and restaurant representatives can nominate businesses until July 31, 2018 by emailing entries to or by filling out the nomination form on our website. Voting will be conducted online from July 1 – August 31, 2018 and winners will be recognized at the Members’ Choice Awards ceremony in the fall. ‘Airport Restaurants’ may include sit-down restaurants, chip trucks, canteens, lemonade stands, cafés, etc.

Additionally, members can earn a COPA hat from our new clothing line by logging visits to 5 participating restaurants! Sign-in to your COPA account online to log your visits and receive your prize. More details about the contest can be found by visiting

COPA Launches Online Classifieds

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association announced the launch of, a comprehensive new online marketplace for aircraft sales in Canada. Building on the popularity of COPA’s monthly print classifieds, the new online site consists of fully-searchable sales ads for aircraft, hangars, parts, engines, and a new UAV category. 

The user interface also simplifies the process for submitting ads, uploading pictures, and reposting expired ads. Revamped pricing plans allow users to choose the ad type and duration that best suits their needs, with discounts on packages available to COPA members. Ads submitted to will automatically be published in COPAFlight, the organization’s monthly magazine. 

“The launch of is an exciting evolution, not just for COPA, but for the Canadian general aviation community as a whole,” said Bernard Gervais, President and CEO. “Since 1952, COPA’s Plane Trade has been the industry go-to for those buying and selling aircraft in Canada. We are proud to be taking that service to the next step with this robust and user-friendly online version.”

To browse current ads and to place your own, visit

COPA Flight Contributor of the Year

For decades, COPA has presented an award at its convention for the “best story” written for COPA Flight. In the flurry to transform and modernize the publication, the award was missed for the past couple of years but it has been revived with a more relevant twist. Gord Mahaffy, of Flight 70 in Oshawa was our hands-down pick for Contributor of the Year. His concise, well written and informative stories are alway supported by good photos and he rarely misses an issue. The essence of COPA Flight is member involvement and Mahaffy’s vivid accounts of the activities in Oshawa give the rest of us valuable insight into how a well run COPA Flight engages with its members and the rest of the community.