President’s Corner – October 2016

New Web Presence Coming in 2017

Up-To-Date Platform Will be Mobile-Friendly


I’ve talked about it, you have asked for it, it’s coming. It may not be a new “website” which is an archaic word I was told, but we will certainly try to make it the new information platform and repository that should give you, our members, the information you want and you need.  Most of all, it will work with mobile devices so you can go through our material while you wait for the bus, are sitting in the waiting room for your dental appointment or in your hangar waiting for that storm to go by.  Watch for it in early 2017.


Our quinquennial survey is just about to be sent out to a selected number of you. You will find more details later in this issue, but I need to emphasize that this is the most important and thorough information-gathering exercise we conduct at any time. This is where we get the vast majority of the data that supports our work, where we see who we are, what defines us what the members think and want.  You can find the previous data on our “old” web site, the data form 2007 and 2012.  Just look for “About COPA” and “COPA Surveys”.

Invest $100 in yourself, win a Breitling.

Our Freedom to Fly Fund has been used for many aviation-related issues, some going up to the Supreme Court of Canada. It fuels our mission to “Advance, promote and preserve the Canadian freedom to fly”. And it works.

Replenishing the war chest is sometimes an arduous task and we need help.

Breitling (world famous aviation/time-keeping Swiss chronograph company, in case you didn’t know) is now a partner of COPA. They are making the exclusive Navitimer-World COPA watch. All of us should be proud of this, for it is no small feat to be recognized and have our own watch from such a prestigious company.

This being said, Breitling is also supporting us and are offering us a men’s or women’s Breitling Colt watch (value of $3,000) to raffle off for those who participate in replenishing our war chest. There is one chance to win the watch for each $100 donation we receive until our next Convention / AGM next year on June 24 2017.  This is the probably the contest where you have the best odds of winning and all the proceeds go to serving you!  See the ad further in the magazine, or call the national office directly.  Help us help you through the Freedom to Fly Fund!

Job openings at COPA.

The only direct contact many may have had with COPA has been with our extremely knowledgeable vice president, Patrick Gilligan. Patrick has been a friend, a mentor, a guide and counsellor to many of you (and even non-members).  He has owned eighty-nine (89) aircraft and we could probably fill a Canadian aviation history book just from his stories. His passion for aviation is contagious and it has served COPA well, as many will vouch.  All this to say that Patrick is retiring next June and it is time for us to look for a replacement.  He is looking forward to passing his knowledge and insight to someone that will take over.  Is this for you?  You will find a job description further in this magazine.  Feel up to it?  Want to work for your fellow aviators in the country?  See the job description, take the challenge and apply.