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Canadian Ultralight Aircraft Manufacturers and Distributors


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British Columbia




New Brunswick





Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.

Tel.: 604-792-5855;

Fax: 604-792-7006;

E-mail: mursales@murphy.com;

Web site: www.murphyair.com

1 - 8155 Aitken Road, Chilliwack, B.C., V2R 4H5

Aircraft models: Renegade II, Rebel, Renegade Spirit, Maverick, JDM-8, Super Rebel, Elite, Moose


Light Engine Services Ltd.

Contact: R.A. (Bob) Robertson

Tel: Technical Assistance 1-250-832-8786, 

TOLL FREE ORDER Line 1-866-418-4164,

Fax 1-250-832-8734

P.O.Box 1085A5-4300-20th Ave SE Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E 4P1

Type of Business: Rotax Service Center/Aircraft Parts/Instruments


Pipistrel Aircraft BC Inc.

33160 Plaxton Crescent, Abbotsford BC Canada V2S 1V9



Email: martex@telus.net

Website: www.pipistrel.ca


Raven Aviation Ltd.

Freedom Flying School, Freedom Flight Park, Lumby BC

Tel: 250 547 6841

Website: www.RavAv.com

Aircraft - Northwing Trikes and Hang Gliders, Wills Wing Hang Gliders and supplies, Rotax Engines and parts, Compact Radial Engines and Parts, Icom Radios, Flytec Instruments, Ballistic and hand deployed parachutes, Hang Gliding, Trike and Ultralight Lessons, Ratings and Licensing , Aircraft Hangers



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Blue Yonder Aviation Inc.

Contact: Wayne Winters

Tel.: 403-936-5767;

Fax: 403-936-5108;

E-mail: ezflyer@ezflyer.com;

Web site: www.ezflyer.com

Box 12, Site 9, RR #5, Calgary, Alta., T2P 2G6

Aircraft models: EZ Flyer, Twin Engine EZ Flyer, Merlin GT/EZ, EZ King Cobra, EZ Harvard


Circa Reproductions Inc.

Contact: Graham Lee

Tel.: 780-895-2975;

E-mail: graham@nieuports.com or cara@edmc.net;

Web site: www.nieuports.com 

Box 889, Lamont, Alta., T0B 2R0

Aircraft models: Plans, 7/8 scale Nieuport 11/17, Nieuport 12, Full size Nieuport 17, 7/8 Moraine-Saulnier, Miranda, Beam Craft 1, 2; aircraft kits materials - various as required; engines - agents for Rotec R-2800 radial


Falconar Avia Inc.

Contact: Chris Falconar

Tel.: 780-465-2024; Fax: 780-465-2029;

E-mail: sales@falconaravia.com;

Web site: www.falconaravia.com

7739 - 81 Avenue, Edmonton, Alta., T6C 0V4

Aircraft models: Master X, Mustang, Falconar F9, F10, F11A, F11E, F12A, AMF-S14, Cubmajor, Mignet Flying Flea, HM290/293, 360, 380, ARV-1 Golden Hawk, 2/3 Scale Jenny, Ercoupe, Ladybug 380L, Piel Emeraude, Fauvel AV36, AV361, Druine Turbi


Pipistrel Aircraft Canada Inc.

Jonas Boll

Whitecourt Airport (Box 1828)

Alberta T7S 1P5

(Canadian Distributor)


Snowbird Aviation Inc.

Dan Pandur

Tel.: 780-349-4159;

E-mail: lightengine@clearwave.ca

Hangar No. 1, Block 1, Westlock Municipal Airport, Westlock, AB, T7P 2P4

Aircraft models: Titan Tornado - ultralight airframe service/repair


Watson Aero Industries

Tel.: 780-962-4291;

Web site: www.watsonflight.ca

53528 Rg Rd 271, Spruce Grove, Alta., T7X 3M5

Aircraft models: Norseman, Yukon


Skykits Corporation

Contact: Eric Giles

Tel: 403-816-4735;

Fax: 403-203-9210;

E-mail: info@skykits.com;

Web site: www.skykits.com

525 Douglas Glen Point S.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 3P9

Aircraft models: STOL Savannah


EWS Aviation & Business Services Inc.

Contact: Ernst W. Schneider

Tel.: 250-270-9009;

E-mail: ews@ews.ca;

Web site: www.ews.ca

213 - 24th Ave. NW, Calgary, Alta., T2M 1X2

Aircraft models: Flight Design CT2K Advanced Ultralight



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Flypass Aircraft Company Limited

Tel.: 519-648-3649;

Fax: 519-648-3887;

E-mail: info@flypass.com;

Web site: www.flypass.com

Hangar 41, Gate 21-B, Waterloo International Airport, P.O. Box 273, Breslau, Ont., N0B 1M0

Aircraft models: CH601, CH701, Super STOL CH801


Lake Central Air Services

Tel.: 705-687-4343;

Fax: 705-687-8983;

E-mail: info@muskoka.com;

Web site: www.lakecentral.com

RR#1, Muskoka Airport, Gravenhurst, Ont., P1P 1R1

Aircraft model: Lake Amphibs, maintenance and structures AMD


Lancaster Aero Ltd.

Tel: (613) 347-3155;

Fax:(613) 347-3074;

Email: info@jabirucanada.com;

Web site: www.jabirucanada.com

PO Box 56, Bainsville, ON K0C 1E0
Aircraft model: Calypso, J170, J250 and J450


L’il Hustler, Contact: Dave Loveman

Tel.: 905-836-7588;

E-mail: lilhustler@ultralightnews.com;

Web site: www.ultralightnews.com; www.ultralightnews.ca

92 River Rd., P.O. Box 1710, Holland Landing, Ont., L9N 1P2

Aircraft models: L’il Buzzard, L'il Hustler, L'il Hustler SS


National Ultralight Inc. - Ontario

Contact: Bryan Quickmire

Tel.: 705-721-9811,

E-mail: bdq@challenger.ca;

Web site: www.challenger.ca

P.O. Box 20088, Barrie, Ont., L4M 6E9

Aircraft models: all models of Challenger


Professional Ultralights Inc.

Contact: Martin Marks

Tel.: 905-336-2928;

Fax: 905-336-2325;

E-mail: mmarks@sentex.net

4150 Bianca Forest Dr., Burlington, Ont., L7M 4L5

Aircraft models: Challenger


Six Chuter Canada East Inc.

Tel.: 519-357-4321;

Fax: 519-357-4195;

E-mail: fly@sixchuter.ca;

Web site: www.sixchuter.ca

P.O. Box 1040, Wingham, Ont., N0G 2W0

Aircraft models: Six Chuter powered parachutes


Sport Plane Inc.

Tel.: 416-712-5399

Email: tony@sportplaneinc.ca

Web Site: www.sportplaneinc.ca



Stirling Ultralights

Tel.: Jim Halls 613 395-1714;

Web site www.stirlingultralights.ca;

865 Airport Rd. Stirling, ON, K0K 3E0.

Aircraft models: Distributers for Just Aircraft Co. . We build kits for customers, service and instruct pilots in flying ultralight aircraft.


Trike Air Aviation Inc.

Tel.: 905-885-4261;

Fax: 905-885-1209;

E-mail: flying@trikeair.com;

Web site: www.trikeair.com

6626, 5th Line, Port Hope, Ont., L1A 3V8

Aircraft models: Pegasus



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Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd.

Contact: Serge Ballard, info@ballardsportaircraft.com

Tel: 819-563-5847;

Fax: 819-829-5677;

Web site: www.ballardsportaircraft.com

2696 du Pimbina, Sherbrooke, Qc, J1r 0G3

Aircraft models: Pelican Sport AULA, Pelican Sport 600


Canadian Light Aircraft Sales & Services

Tel.: 450-452-4772;

Toll Free: 888-977-1447;

Fax: 450-452-2694;

E-mail: marla@bushcaddy.com;

Web site: www.bushcaddy.com

880 St-Fereol, Les Cedres, Que., J7T 1N3

Aircraft models: Bush Caddy


National Ultralight Inc. - Quebec

Contact: Ian Coristine

Tel.: 450-458-2225;

E-mail: ian@challenger.ca;

Web site: www.challenger.ca

Box 427, Hudson Heights, Que., J0P 1J0

Aircraft models: Challenger


Norman Aviation Int. Inc.

Contact: J. Norman

Tel.: 418-885-8333

Aeroport Jacques Norman & Norman Aviation Int. Inc., 1175 St-Philippe Sud, St. Anselme, Que., G0R 2N0

Aircraft models: Nordic II, Nordic VI & Nordic VIII


Para-ski International

Tel.: 450-474-7272;

Fax: 450-474-3229;

E-mail: paraski@paraski.com;

Web site: www.paraski.com

P.O. Box 76075, Mascouche, Que., J7K 3N9

Aircraft models: Para-ski Top Gun, Para-Ski Freedom 103, Propulsion Flex, Re-Flex, Star-Flex



Guy Deschenes:

(819)-445-3528 for Drummondville, Thetford and Valcourt


Quebec Dealer



Daniel Scopel:

(450)-578-5267for St Hyacinthe and Bromont

Quebec  dscopel@videotron.ca

Quebec Demonstrator


SEA-BOW International inc

Tel.: 450-532-2945;

Fax: 450-532-2995;

E-mail: info@sea-bow.ca;

Web site: http://www.sea-bow.ca/

5583 Chemin de l'aéroport., Valcourt (Quebec), Canada J0E 2L0

Aircraft models: Sea-Bow 503 and 582 - Manufacturer of powered parachutes



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Atlantic Sport Aviation

Contact: Allan Tuttle

Tel: 902-883-8787,

Web Site:  www.atlanticsportaviation.ca.

Fantasy Flight Ultralights

Contact: Ralph Pritchard

Tel.: 506-532-6881;

Fax: 506-532-2776;

E-mail: etrade@nbnet.nb.ca;

Web site: www.jaba.net/aviation

125 Cherry Lane, Shediac, N.B.,  E4P 1M8.

Aircraft Models: SeaRey Amphibian