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Meet the COPA staff - Patrick Gilligan, Vice President of Operations



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I am pleased to announce Patrick Gilligan began his duties on May 5th 2008, as Vice-president of operations.

Patrick’s main responsibilities will be to provide assistance to members who have technical, regulatory or other aviation questions in areas such as Canadian Aviation Regulations, Part II - Aircraft Identification and Registration, Part IV – Personnel Licensing and Training and Part V – Airworthiness.

He will also provide support to COPA Flight Editor Michel Hell, COPA website, manage COPA’s membership benefits package as well as represent COPA at certain government and industry committees, conferences and trade shows.

Patrick is a Montreal native. He earned his wings in the 1970’s, working his way from line-boy, dispatcher to flight instructor with a total logged flight time of more than 3,000 hours.

In the 1980’s he built his first ultralight Lazair kit and has since built more than 30 different types of ultralight and amateur built kits.

Patrick was one of the first Transport Canada licensed ultralight instructors in Canada, has a commercial license with a float rating and has been a COPA member since 1980, as well as contributed articles on Paragliding and Ultralights. He owns two amateur built aircraft.

Before joining COPA, Patrick worked seven years at Rolls Royce Canada on turbine engines and the past 13 years at Bombardier Aerospace.

He joins the team at COPA with a sense of privilege to have the opportunity to return to his grass roots "Personal Aircraft."

Patrick looks forward to the opportunity to work with and for COPA members to help enhance their freedom to fly. You can contact him at 613-236-4901 ext 104 or at pgilligan@copanational.org.