Real Pilot Stories


Underwater Escape

For many pilots, the prospect of crash landing in water is one of the most terrifying things in aviation. Bryan Webster has been there, done that, and says they’re right to be afraid. Listen as he tells the tale of a wild flight that ended in the drink, and shares some of the knowledge he’s gained in 15 years of teaching water egress techniques. (Approx. 13 minutes). Watch it here >>

Ambushed by ice

Pilot Dean Clark was on a flight he’d made hundreds of times, in an airplane he knew well, and there was no serious weather in the forecast. But that didn’t keep him from picking up enough ice nearly to bring down his Cessna 182. In the Air Safety Institute’s latest Real Pilot Story, you’ll hear him tell the gripping story of his unexpected struggle in ice-filled clouds—one that will make you think twice before taking any risks with ice this winter. Funding for producing this story was made possible by the Donner Canadian Foundation ( and the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association’s Flight Safety Foundation. Watch it here >>